Mods for Statement Trucks

Mods for Statement Trucks

Trucks make statements like nothing else on the road. They can mean utility, work, off-road craziness, “I haul things,” or the love of sitting a little higher from the ground. It makes sense that so many upgrades and mods are available to customize them and accentuate that meaning and representation.

Here are some options for making a statement with your truck:

  • Wheels and Rims. Every truck customization plan needs to start with truck wheels. Nothing else says custom on a truck, like wheels. The options can range from blacked-out to polished chrome. They can be aggressively milled or have smooth curves. Whatever your statement, there’s a wheel for it—plan on dropping a reasonable $1200 to become extraordinary.
  • Grille Guards. Sometimes you just want to tell the world that you can mow down trees and take on bulls. Grille guards make those statements and more. They can be as simple as a formed 2” bar to post-apocalypse, Mad Max styling cues. For those that do some off-roading, brush guards that slope under the front end are ideal and look cool. Prices run from $200 on up. Not a lot of money makes a bold statement.
  • Lift Kits. They can range from a little extra to needing a ladder to get into your truck, but there is no doubt they will set your truck apart from the crowd. Lifts can range from 1” to 8” and run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $3500. Price and quality are heavily correlated, meaning it is better to spend more if you think you’ll be consistently pushing your suspension to the limit off-road.
  • Bed Liners. Bed liners are essential to protecting the bed of your truck from becoming a wasteland of scratches. Truck beds get torn up when used, and the results can show quickly. Bed liners protect your bed and don’t show scratches. Skip the drop-in plastic liners and go straight for the spray-in. Plastic liners can trap water next to the bed, causing rust, and can look pretty damaged after a while. Spray-in liners can easily be resprayed or painted to keep them looking new. Expect to spend $500 for your spray-in liner.
  • Step Bars. Getting into a truck can be difficult, especially one that has a lift kit on it. Short individuals and your grandma might need a hand getting in your truck. Step bars or running boards are an essential addition. Step bars can be fixed or go big and opt for automatic bars that fold out when the door opens. Expect to spend about $400 for fixed bars and $1500 for automatic.
  • Floor Mats. Deluxe floor mats ensure nothing is getting on your carpet and show that you care about your truck. Going deluxe means buying high-quality mats designed for your specific truck model and fit snugly. The difference between $200 model-specific mats and some $70 cut to fit is night and day in both look and function.
  • Tonneau Covers. A tonneau cover protects items in your bed, gives an upscale look to your truck, and improves aerodynamics and gas mileage. Tonneau covers come in soft and hard variations and can run from $300 to $2000. Hardcovers will start around the $1000 price point.
  • Lights. Light upgrades provide benefits to both form and function. Fog lights can be a great addition that gives your truck a tougher look while aiding you in thick fog. Bright lamps for headlights and taillights enhance vision and alert others to your presence. Prices vary tremendously depending on type and function.
  • Roof Racks. Want to look like you’re heading off to the outback for a month? A roof rack will do just that while adding the functionality of carrying more cargo. Add an LED light bar to it to announce your presence to the world. Prices run between $250 and $2000 with some great options between $700 – $1200.
  • Tow Hitches. Tow hitches aren’t a statement until they are used to haul your boat or ATVs. Then they are much, much more. No truck should be without a tow hitch unless you want your truck to be like a locomotive with no rail cars to pull. Yes, that would be purposeless—plan on spending $250 for a solid tow hitch.

These truck upgrades are the essentials for truck owners who want to set themselves apart and are worth the cost. No other vehicle has the number of upgrade options as a truck. Combine them all, and no other truck on the road will look just like yours.