Most Legendary Cars throughout History

most legendary cars throughout history

New cars roll off production lines every week, but few go on to attain legendary status. To reach that level, a car must have something that marks it as extra special.

Sometimes that thing is beauty or innovation. At other times it is an appearance in a beloved movie or television show. The cars people dream of driving tick every box.

Many cars that are considered iconic are vintage rather than modern. That is because most celebrated films and shows are from the past instead of the present.

As older cars, they are not usually fitted with cutting-edge Mastercraft tires or other features that enhance performance. However, their quality means that they can still run reliably at the highest level.

Here are the most legendary cars.

Below you will find the most legendary cars according to us.

15: Ford Thunderbird

Thelma & Louise | '66 Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird was used for the hit 1991 film Thelma and Louise. That lifted it to another level, particularly the famous end scene where the duo drives over a cliff.

14: Porsche 911

1970 911 E 2.2 MFI Coupe in Ivory
Photo: Theon Design

The Porsche 911 combines top-end performance with low production costs. It is a status symbol sports car, with actor Keanu Reeves among its fans.

13: Ford GT40

Ford GT40 from 1966

This car is possibly the most extraordinary motor racing vehicle ever. It was the subject of the movie Ford v Ferrari, which detailed its construction history and its glorious win over the latter at Le Mans 1966.

12: Ford Mustang

Ford GT40

A car is so legendary that it has been celebrated in song and is the vehicle Steve McQueen drove in Bullitt. You don’t get much cooler than that; it is an era-defining drive.

11: Jaguar Mk II

1961 Jaguar MKII - 3.8L Saloon Concours Restoration - £80,000

Jaguar cars always suggest elegance and style, but the Mk II drove its way into history through the popular television series Inspector Morse. The intellectual Oxford sleuth became a worldwide audience favorite.

10: Mercedes 300SL

1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing

This is a sought-after classic thanks to its roof-hinge gull-wing doors. That futuristic feature was later adopted by the likes of the DeLorean.

9: Volkswagen Beetle

One of two legendary small cars, everyone fell in love with the Beetle thanks to the hit Herbie movie franchise. It has a unique and instantly recognizable look.

8: Range Rover

The Range Rover is a car that everyone knows. Since its 1970 launch, it has endured as a status marker for the wealthy.

7: Mini Cooper

If any one car sums up Britain in the Swinging 60s, it is the Mini. Famous from the heist movie The Italian Job, it became an icon of modernity and classlessness.

6: Ferrari F40

This is the ultimate ‘super-car’ and has been nicknamed the ‘widow maker’ due to the astonishing turbocharged speeds it can hit. It’s a top-notch racing car.

5: DeLorean DMC-12

The DMC-12 borrowed the gull-wing doors from Mercedes but ranks higher because of Back to the Future. That series sealed its place in legend as the time-traveling car.

4: Jaguar E-Type

This has been featured in many films but is legendary just for its aesthetic beauty. One of the slinkiest cars ever to hit the road, it oozes sophistication and class.

3: Audi Quattro

The Quattro is the car that changed rally driving forever with the addition of four-wheel drive and a five-cylinder turbocharged engine.

2: Tesla Model S

This must be included as the game-changer for electric cars. It showed they could handle long distances and made them desirable for the first time.

1: Aston Martin DB5

We rank the DB5 as the most legendary car ever. It is a famous film vehicle known worldwide as the original James Bond car.

007 has driven other vehicles since, but he is still associated with this one, and it is a stunning car even today.

These are the top cars from history that everyone fantasizes about driving.