Multi-purpose Barn At Critter Creek By Furman + Keil Architects

A family home in Austin, Texas has been saved from demolition and instead turned into a modern multi-purpose barn. Furman + Keil Architects are behind this amazing transformation with exposed beams and original walls.

Multi-purpose Barn At Critter Creek By Furman + Keil Architects

Modern Texas barn by Furman + Keil Architects

After accommodating a family with five kids for two decades, the plan was to demolish the old house and make way for a brand-new construction. Instead, a new idea to repurpose and relocate the existing structure took form and the original structure was preserved keeping the spirit and memories embedded in the property.

Exposed beams and original walls

One of the first steps of the rebuild was to carefully dismantle the timber frame beams and rafters and number them for the reassembly. The new construction has been reengineered with new galvanized steel connectors and together with the time frame, this now completes the entire barn interior. The two end gable walls are made from rocks quarried from the site.

Multi-purpose barn interior full of natural light

Aluminum and glass garage doors add a modern look with lots of natural light flowing into the building. Douglas fir from the original walls has been reused to add a warm atmosphere with memories of the previous home.

The new building features spaces for art projects, repairs, vehicle maintenance, and storage, along with the occasional party. A mezzanine has been added to take advantage of the existing height within the structure and segregate activities.

See the stunning main house here

Multi-purpose Barn at Critter Creek By Furman + Keil Architects Multi-purpose Barn at Critter Creek By Furman + Keil Architects


  • Placed in Austin, Texas, USA
  • From 2015
  • Design Team: Gary Furman, Philip Keil, Dave Birt, Troy Miller
  • Contractor: Crowell Builders
  • Landscape Design: David Peese Design
  • Interior Design: Homeowner + Cheryl Coleman

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Photo credit: Photographer: Dror Baldinger

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