Nostalgic Turntable With SONOS Integration From Wrensilva

The good old turntable and analogue sound have been increasingly popular these years, with more and more music being released on vinyl. Of course, it requires a good turntable, and US based Wrensilva does just that!

Turn Table Nostalgy From Wrensilva Includes SONOS

Wrensilva is an American specialist from San Diego, California, who manufactures hand-built stereo systems. They are on the expensive side, but you also get something quite special for your money. Wrensilva’s latest model called Wrensilva Loft is a new interpretation of the classic stereo console that delivers everything the company’s full size systems can offer, but in a slightly smaller and more affordable package.

Turn Table Nostalgy From Wrensilva Includes SONOS

Can be paired with SONOS

Hand-built in San Diego, the loft models come with a 300-watt Wrensilva solid state Class D IcePower amplifier via Bang & Olufsen. You have the possibility to pair your existing SONOS speakers throughout the home which makes a perfect harmony between vintage-style design and modern tech.

Turn Table Nostalgy From Wrensilva Includes SONOS
Storage for up to 120 vinyl records

The basic edition costs $2,999. Add a set of Wrensilva Loft Plus Monitor Speakers and the price goes up to $4,498.

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