One Of a Kind Hand Painted Watches by Arne S

Danish artist Arne S is hand painting unique watches that are made in just one original piece each. The watches have their own artistic expression and just like an original painting, you’ll never find another watch just like it!

One Of a Kind Hand Painted Watches by Arne S

One of a kind hand painted watches by Arne S

In a small workshop in central Copenhagen, Danish artist Arne S has created his own line of watches where no two watches are the same. Each dial is hand painted in a complex process that includes both spray paint, airbrush and fine detailing with a handheld brush. The finished expression is unique for that particular watch and the dials are never copied leaving you with an original painting on your wrist.

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One Of a Kind Hand Painted Watches by Arne S

Passionate about art and timepieces

Artist Arne S has a background in street art and is equally passionate about art and watches. He has been on a long and hard journey to get to the end goal of incorporating art into timepieces. Not always an easy task, but with the new lines of Arnes Watches, he has been able to realize his dream of creating something different and truly original. With inspiration from his surrounding environment, Arne S incorporates elements of architecture, street art, design and graffiti in his work. And his love for creating contrasts is clear:

“I find it exciting to turn things around, put them together, and split them apart”,

– Arne S.

One Of a Kind Hand Painted Watches by Arne S

Street art watches with individual expressions

The expression of the watches can be bold, strong or more subtle and just like a piece of art, they all invite you to take a closer look. Depending on the light, you will see different details due to layers of paint in matte and high gloss. The watches are the perfect choice for people looking for something truly unique with a more artistic look compared to other mass-produced watches.

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One Of a Kind Hand Painted Watches by Arne S

When describing his own dream watch, Arne S is not mentioning a thing about rare Breitling or Rolex’s. Instead, his vision as a full-blown self-made artist is clear: he wants to make it himself. “I can almost see it in its full form now, and hopefully it won’t be too many years before I’m finished”.

One Of a Kind Hand Painted Watches by Arne S


  • Dial: Original – one-off – hand painted by Arne S.
  • Diameter: 44 mm
  • Width: 11.0 mm
  • Glass: Sapphire
  • Casing: Rust-free steel
  • Water: avoid water but rain is ok
  • Band: 100% natural hand-stitched leather or silicone
  • Clockwork: Seiko NH35 automatic
  • Function: hours, minutes and seconds
  • Energy reserve: 41 hours
  • Frequency: 21,600 bph
  • Jewels: 24
  • Number of pieces: limited to one original piece
  • Price: 2.895-5.000 DKK / $435 – 751 USD

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