Pointless Drag Race Between a Tuned Corvette C8 vs C7?

Ever since the new Corvette C8 was introduced just under a year ago, we have wanted to see how much faster it would be compared to the C7. How much has the new model gained in performance by placing the V8 behind the driver’s seat when it comes down to a drag race?

In the latest generation, the 6.2-liter V8 produces 502 horses, against the old 466 hp. 0-60 mph sprint is just “under 3 seconds” in the new Corvette C8, and 3.6 seconds for the old C7 which features the 8-speed automatic gearbox and Z07 Performance Package.

So on paper, the C8 should outperform the C7 properly, especially since the car in this video by Hennessey Performance has a stainless steel exhaust system and R tires, while the C7 is bone stock. It sounds like an unfair and rather pointless comparison. You can judge for yourself right here. Nevertheless, it’s still two pretty awesome modern muscle cars.

Watch it

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