Quality Watch Winders For 4 Watches And Why You Should Invest in One

Watch Winders For 4 Watches
Four Nezumi Baleine automatic watches in an iRoll watch winder. See review below. Photo: Old News Club
If you are the lucky owner of a watch with an automatic movement, you also know that it’s important to keep your watches winded… that is, if you want to be on time. Instead of having to manually wind your watches, set the time and keep track of your collection, a watch winder is a great option that will do the job for you. We have picked out our favorite 11 quad watch winders that will ensure four of your automatic timepieces are always winded and in great shape. Check out the list below after we dive into the benefits of a watch winder and what you should look out for.

What Is The Point of a Watch Winder?

The main benefit of a watch winder is, that an electric motor will wind your automatic watch when you are not wearing it. When a watch with an automatic movement stops, you have the re-set the time and manually wind it up to keep it ticking. For some people, that’s part of the beauty of the movement and almost a ceremony when taking care of your collection. However, if you have a larger watch collection or a watch with additional functions like date, moon-phases and perpetual calendar, it can be time-consuming to re-set them – and require certain skills! So this is where the watch winder comes in. When you are not wearing your automatic watch, you simply place it on a pillow and insert it into the rotor of the watch winder. The only thing you need to do is determine the number of daily rotations and the direction. The next time you need to wear your watch, you simply grab it from the watch winder and it will already be on time.

How Do I Choose The Right Watch Winder? 

When choosing the best watch winder for your needs, you both need to consider the exterior, interior and technical capabilities. First, you want to make sure that you have enough rotors for your automatic movement – and maybe even space for a new addition or two. Secondly, you need to ensure that your watches will fit and that they are fitted in a way that will not scratch them. Our tip is to check the maximum diameter recommended by the manufacturer and that the pillows/holders are soft and flexible. Thirdly, you need to check the number of turns per day (TPD) and ensure that the watch winder has options between approx. 650-1800 TPD as this will fit recommendations for most watches. It’s also important that the watch winder can rotate both clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bi-directionally, so all your watch’s potential needs are met. After that, you can start to look at the added features such as storage capacity, display, lighting, remote control, security features etc.

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The Buyer’s Guide list:

1. Best choice: Premium and Handmade Watch Winder From iRoll

iRoll Watch Winder

This hand built watch winder is a premium choice! With great-looking exterior in walnut, crystal glass and built-in LED lighting, this piece will highlight your most beloved watches while keeping them safe and winded. Via the display, you can set up unique modes for each of the four watches and thanks to the ultra-quiet motors, it’s completely silent. You keep the watches safe by locking the cabinet with your fingerprint and can choose between different rotation programs as well as the number of daily rotations.

Video: How to open the watch cabinet using your fingerprint

Thanks to the built-in Open-Shut Down function control switch, the watch winder will automatically stop the rotation when opening the door. The finish on this piece is excellent and extends from the fine wood to the technical parts and the high-quality pillows. You even get a remote control for controlling the interior light and adjusting any of the settings of the watch winder remotely. Finally, there’s a drawer with extra storage space for three watches and jewelry, extra watch straps or tools.

Premium and handmade watch winder from iRoll
Image: Premiumwatchwinders.com
  • Rotation direction: clockwise, counter-clockwise and mixed mode
  • TPD: 650-1950

SHOP / $959.99


2. Triple Tree Watch Winder in Black Piano Finish

Watch Winder for 4 Automatic Watches

With this affordable watch winder you get room for winding 4 automatic watches while storing additional six watches. Thanks to the piano black exterior and blue LED light, the watch winder has an elegant and modern look. You get soft pillows in two different sizes so you can store both smaller and larger timepieces. By twisting the control knob, you can choose between four different modes. A stylish stainless steel key can be used for keeping your watches safe.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise, mixed mode and non-intermittent clockwise and counterclockwise mode
  • TPD: 2880

SHOP HERE / $189.99


3. Retro-looking Watch Winder by CHIYODA

Quad Watch Winder for Automatic Watches

This quad watch winder is a smaller affordable option with a cool retro look. The exterior is made from high-gloss wood and inside there is a golden metal plate with a nice warm tone. On top is a LCD touch display where you select the rotation mode per watch. A built-in smart timer ensures that watches will not be over-winded. The high-quality Japanese motors are durable and ultra-quiet.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional
  • TPD: 650-990-1300-2000

SHOP HERE / $179.99


4. Luxurious Leather Heritage Watch Winder by WOLF

4 Piece Watch Winder with Cover

WOLF is a British leather-goods company that has been in business since 1834 and are famous for their beautiful boxes and cases. This handmade piece is no exception! The watch winder is part of their Heritage collection and has a classic design made to last a lifetime. Through patented technology the WOLF watch winder will count and record the number of rotations while in use to avoid over winding. In order to secure larger timepieces, you even get lock-in cuffs that will ensure also heavier timepieces stay in place. You set the rotation for each watch by turning the individual knobs.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional
  • TPD: 900

SHOP HERE / $1,400


5. Natural Bamboo Looks From Watch Winder Smith

Bamboo Watch Winder

If you are going for a lighter wooden look, this bamboo piece from Watch Winder Smith is an affordable option. Together with the steel interior, this watch winder has a clean and contemporary design. You get a total of 8 pillows and they come in three different sizes to fit both small, medium and large timepieces. The Japanese Mabucchi motor makes just 10-20 DB which is similar to the sounds of breathing. You choose the desired setting by turning the steel know and can choose from four different modes. Can also be run on battery: 2 x AA for which there is a separate compartment for.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • TPD: 276-2640

SHOP HERE / $219.99


6. Leader Watch Winder in Glossy Black, White And Brown

Watch Winder with LED Backlight

This stylish watch winder combines classic and modern design with it’s high-gloss exterior finish, LED backlight and soft brown interior. Here you get a LCD display and a remote for full and easy control of the 15 available programs. At the bottom there is also a drawer that you can use for storing additional timepieces, straps or jewelry. The soft PU holders will fit both smaller and large watches and each of the rotors can be individually programmed. When you open the door, the motor automatically stops to prevent any breakdowns of the winding mechanism. A simple door lock should keep the kids from playing with you precious timepieces.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional
  • TPD: 650-1950

SHOP HERE / $369


The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Watch Collectors:


7. Simple and Affordable Watch Winder From Versa

Quad Watch Winder with Light in Black
Image: Versa

If you are looking for a simple and easy to operate watch winder with a good price tag, this option might be a match. The choice of plastic as the main material is not a stylish choice, but on the other hand it’s easy to clean. At the back of the watch winder, you can set each of the rotors with the desired direction and number of rotations by sliding the switches. A smart timer will keep track of the schedule while blue LED interior light can also be switched on and off manually.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional
  • TPD: 650-850-1080-1280

SHOP HERE / $159.95


8. Vertical Watch Winder by Heiden in Quilted Leather

Tall Tower Watch Winder
Image: Heiden

This upright watch winder by Heiden can be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a slim model that doesn’t take up too much counter space. Even though it could fit into a closet, it would be a pity to hide away the great design with beautifully stitched black leather! The stylish piece has luxurious grey linen interior and soft pillows that will fit both small and large watches. As the watches are “stacked” on top of each other, there is no risk of the watches touching and scratching while rotating. Thanks to the Japanese Mabuchi motor, the watch winder is ultra-quiet and the heavy steel base will ensure maximum stability. You can easily set the individual mode via the steel bottom above each of the watches in the cabinet. As a nice feature, each watch will stop at 12 o’clock position during the rest modem which will ensure a nice display of your favorite timepieces.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional
  • TPD: 650-950-1250-1850

SHOP HERE / $499.95


9. Futuristic Design With the SmartCube Watch Winder

SmartCube Watch Winder for 4 Watches
Image: SmartCube

If you are looking for ultimate protection and high-tech looks, the SmartCube watch winder might just be the product for you. The glossy black exterior has inserts of carbon fiber and the high-quality glass door limits the visibility of fingerprints. An extremely silent Japanese motor ensures that this model will run for 5-7 years, and afterwards SmartCube even provides motor replacement service. At the front of the watch winder you have both a display and a touch panel where you can individually set the rotation mode for each of the timepieces. Alternatively, you can use the handy remote control. Thanks to three-level watch pillows you can fit different sized watches up to 50mm. When you open the door, the rotation automatically stops. At the back of the cabinet, you control the built in white LED lights. As a cool feature, the watch winder and key are sent separately for added security.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional
  • TPD: 650-750-850-1000-1950

SHOP HERE / $459.99


10. TimeCube Watch Winder in High-gloss Carbon Finish 

Watch Winder for 4 Watches with 15 Winding Programs
Image: TIMECUBE Store

This is the watch winder for carbon fiber fans! The TimeCube watch winder has a high-quality look thanks to the glossy carbon exterior that also continues to the interior. Above the found rotors, you also have extra storage capacity for three watches: a great way to display your most beloved timepieces. Each of the four rotors can be individually controlled by the LCD touchscreen display or via the remote control. To ensure winding precision, an electronic controller keeps track of every turn. The soft PU holders fit extra large watches up to 60mm in diameter. You can hardly hear the rotors spinning due to the ultra-quiet motors, but you can also disable any unused rotors. Interior LED lights turns on automatically when opening the door but you can also turn it on manually to display your collection at night.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional
  • TPD: 650-1950

SHOP HERE / $399


11. Compact Watch Winder in High-gloss Walnut by Paul Design Store

Watch Winder with LCD Touchscreen Display
Image: Paul Design Store

The Paul Design watch winder is compact in size but still offers great functionality and looks! The high-gloss exterior in walnut looks classic while the interior is more modern. A LCD touch control panel makes it easy to individually control and set-up up each rotor and you can choose from 18 different programs. Soft velvet lining prevents any scratches and the spring-loaded telescopic holders will fit any watch up to 65 mm. Like high-end watch winders, this model also ensures to stop at the 12 o’clock position after each winding session. There is also an electronic controller to keep track of every turn to avoid the risk of over winding. As there is no door on the cabinet, this watch winder is perfect for storing in a cabinet or wardrobe where the timepieces are still protected from dust.

  • Rotation directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional
  • TPD: 600-2100

SHOP HERE / $399


Watch winder FAQ:

  1. What are the main benefits of a watch winder? 
    The watch winder makes sure that the automatic movement is winded and ready for use. If you have automatic timepieces that you are not wearing, storing them in a watch winder will make sure they are always in perfect condition and on time
  2. Can watch winders damage watches?
    The main risk when using a watch winder is that watches can touch each other while rotating and get scratches. It’s also important that the materials used for securing the watch in the rotor is not scratching or damaging the watch.
  3. Can you overwind a watch?
    Yes, you can overwind an automatic watch but it will not damage the watch. Whenever the mainspring is completely wound, the rotor will stop turning in the course where the mainspring is wound. As a result, overwinding and damaging an automatic watch is not possible.
  4. Is it bad to wind a watch backward? 
    If you wind an automatic or mechanical watch manually, you should always make sure to wind it correctly, meaning forward. Especially with mechanical watches, there is a risk of damaging the parts – e.g. causing the watch mechanism to disengage from the gear. If you use a watch winder, the electronic rotors will mimic the movements of your body and that way keep you watch winded.
  5. Which direction should my watch winder rotate: clockwise, counter-clockwise or both?
    To make sure you set up your watch winder correctly, we recommend checking the recommendations from the manufacturer of your automatic watch. Your user guide should mention this.

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