Porsche 964 Restomod for Tom Kristensen: The KALMAR 7-97

Restomod Porsche 964

Danish Kalmar Automotive is a new player in the market of hand-built first-class restomod Porsches. Their first model, the KALMAR 7-97, is built on a Porsche 964 and has details suitable for ‘automotive haute couture’. Their first customer is no less than nine-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen!

Get the full story about Kalmar Automotive and see the amazing Kalmar Automotive 7-97 below.

Restomod Porsche 964 for Tom Kristensen The KALMAR 7-978
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Porsche 964 Transformed to the Restomod: KALMAR 7-97

In recent years, we have seen many great-looking custom Porsches. It is, however, one thing to modify a classic car but another to completely transform an already legendary car into an improved version. There are a few restomod companies around who master the art – and some of them even taking on world-famous Singer.

The latest challenger is Kalmar Automotive from Estonia with a strong DNA from Denmark and their transformation of a Porsche 964 and 993’s are truly amazing!

Restomod Porsche 964 KALMAR 7-976 interior
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Individually Engineered by Kalmar Automotive

Kalmar Automotive build dream cars tailored to the individual customer’s wishes. After starting with a donor car, a long process with extensive rebuilding and modifications is initiated where the car is transformed. While the foundation for the Kalmar 7-97 is from a 964 and 993 iteration of the 911, the design cues are from the 1960s and early ’70s.

Modern technology is implemented from engine and brakes to airconditioning to ensure the car can be used as a convenient daily driver – or even on the race track. For the interior, you have the opportunity to go for a fully customized design with either classic leather upholstery and original seats or racing bucket seats, custom steering wheel and all the tailored wishes you could dream of.

Tom Kristensens Porsche 964 Kalmar 7-97
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First Car Built for Tom Kristensen aka Mr. Le Mans

The first person to own a Kalmar 7-97 is no less than nine-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen – also simply known as Mr. Le Mans. His car is built as a tribute to his first Le Mans victory behind the wheel of a Joest Porsche WSC-95 wearing the number 7 in 1997. The car is built on a 1990 Porsche 964 and has looks from 1967 (his birth year) mixed with new technology and amazing craftsmanship.

Restomod Porsche 964

Restomod Porsche 964
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custom fuchs wheelRestomod Porsche 964 for Tom Kristensen The KALMAR 7-978

Analog Dream Car With Automotive ‘Haute Couture’

With hand-stitched leather on almost everything, the attention to detail is in a league of its own. Therefore, the build has also taken three years and required several thousand messages back and forth. As Tom Kristensen describes, his analog dream car is “automotive haute couture”. Finally, the handling of the car is also significantly improved with a new powerful engine and upgraded brakes. One of the coolest features is for sure the chrome grill that also serves as an active rear spoiler. Now, that’s something special!

Restomod Porsche 964 KALMAR 7-976 engine
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Specifications and Options of the Kalmar 7-97:

  • From 300 HP / 370 Nm
  • Flat-six 3.8 L engine
  • 5 or 6 -speed manual gearbox
  • Weight: from 1090 kg
  • 0-100 KM/H: 5 sec
  • Top speed: close to 300 KM/H
  • Optional 4.1 L Full race engine with traction control etc
  • Optional Race exhaust
  • Optional sequential gearbox with paddle shift
  • Optional 993 Turbo or carbon-ceramic brakes
  • Optional adjustable race ABS
  • Optional 3 way adjustable shock absorbers
  • Optional Center lock wheels with UHP tires
  • Fun factor: 110 out of 100 (according to Kalmar)

Exterior Options:

  • Carbon duck-tail engine cover
  • Macrolon windows rear with modern fitting
  • Carbon roof and doors
Restomod Porsche 964 KALMAR 7-976 interior
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Interior Options:

  • Leather-covered roll cage
  • Double Airbag
  • Modern bucket seats
  • Foldable rear seats
Restomod Porsche 964 rear
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What is a Restomod?

The expression ‘restomodding’ or simply ‘restomod’ means restoring with modifications where you mix old and new in a way to get the best of two worlds. While the expression might be relatively new, the phenomenon of restomodding Porsches has skyrocketed in recent years with popular front figures like Magnus Walker promoting the concept of Outlaws. Some companies use other expressions – like Theon’s ‘recreations’.

Kalmar Automotive
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The Man Behind Kalmar Automotive

Jan Kalmar is the Dane behind Kalmar Automotive and describes himself as an adventurer, petrol head and extreme driver. Over the last 20 years, he has bent the limits for automotive challenges and even set World Records in the process. His lifelong passion for driving led him to car design and building dream cars: “Kalmar Automotive is about taking things one step further as we create your dream car in a perfect combination of engineering and passion”, Jan Kalmar explains.

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