Retro Dorm Decor: Bringing Vintage Vibes into Modern Student Living Spaces

Retro Dorm Decor -Bringing Vintage Vibes into Modern Student Living Spaces

Retro or vintage style is always fascinating because it reminds us of the old times, brings us back to the place where our grandparents lived by gracing us with their presence, or just helps us to feel loved. It is a mixture of nostalgic feelings and an immortal style that helps us immerse into some culture or make a journey that brings us several decades back into the past. Moreover, turning your student living space into a vintage environment makes you feel like a scientist or a fairytale wizard! 

Making Photo Collages

A photo collage on the wall of your campus dorm room is one of those amazing vintage elements that will instantly help you add retro vibes. You can even make the photographs black and white, add some shiny strings, or pick vintage frames at the pawn shops. If you wish to add special notes, you may consider a research paper writing service online to ask an expert for help and explore how written notes and photographs have made the families keep their heritage and cultural traditions. 

Desk Organizers and Wooden Boxes

These can easily become vintage if you look through the pawn shops. It can include pen holders, trays, special containers, vintage pens, and more. The same is true for wooden boxes with vintage-style fabric or just plain wood. You can store all your high-tech gear in there, so the basic feel of your student’s dorm room still remains vintage and does not take away from the general retro feel. 

String LED Lights Around Your Room

Since these are becoming more affordable, you should consider adding smart LED lights to your room. You can hang them around the pictures on the wall or above your desk and windows. The trick here is that you can get the ’60s feel easily or turn your room into the neon light 80s vintage room with all the posters of pop stars and stuff. Like what you see in the old movies, it is easy and cost-efficient. Speaking of money, LED strip lights are energy-efficient and will seriously affect your bills in a positive way! 

Vintage Desk Lamp.

You might already remember that famous green lamp that you can see in those vintage offices or rooms as you look through classic movies. Now, these are there for a reason because it is one of the first objects that people usually notice in a room that has a desk. While you may not be able to purchase a vintage wooden desk, a vintage lamp is still possible, even if we talk of a cheap copy replica! The modern versions also have adjustable brightness, so consider that when making your choice! It will still look great and add some ambiance to your retro style room! 

Motivational Wall Boards

It is another great aspect to consider when thinking about turning your modern dorm room into something vintage and cozy. Use different quotes, stickers, magnets, toys, images, and basically anything that makes you feel inspired. Just be a kid and use your creativity! If you need to write something of your own, you can see here to learn what can be done and how to narrow things down to something special, reflective, inspiring, and amazing! 

Adding Plants to Your Student Dorm Room 

Unfortunately, many high-tech dorm rooms are filled with technology or remain classic without a special vintage vibe. The challenging part is to create a special ambiance and the air that feels both fresh and old at the same time. One of the possible solutions is to explore dorm room plants for students that will help you feel better and inspire you to creativity. Room plants like Lucky Bamboo, Hoya, or Succulents are some of the best dorm plant options to consider! It will make your room feel vintage with that “Granny feel” while adding a fresh, natural, or eco-conscious aspect. As for Hoya, as an example, it has aromatic leaves, which will improve the quality of the air in your room. Just think about it, as it won’t cost a fortune to arrange!