How to sharpen ELMAX steel chef’s knife!

How to sharpen ELMAX steel chef's knife!

Chris is a Master Bladesmith and a Northmen Guild Craftsman. He is one of the most experienced knife makers in the Baltic States. In this video he will show you how to sharpen ELMAX steel 9.5″ chef’s knife the right way with help from “Work Sharp” toolkit.

What is ELMAX steel?

The so-called “super steel”, ELMAX steel is a “high chromium-vanadium-molybdenum-alloyed steel,” made of:

  • 1.7 percent carbon
  • 18 percent chromium
  • 3 percent manganese
  • 1 percent molybdenum
  • 8 percent silicon
  • 3 percent vanadium

This composition gives the steel a higher wear resistance, very high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, and superior dimensional stability. These metals are ideal for use in blades for hunting, fishing, and even kitchen work, where sharpness and robustness are critical features.

Last but not least, compared to standard stainless steel it is much easier to sharpen Elmax steel. Please enjoy the video where Chris from the Northmen Guild sharpens a chef’s knife.

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