Simple and Practical Ways You Can Prevent Serious Road Mishaps from Happening

Simple and Practical Ways You Can Prevent Serious Road Mishaps from Happening

Most road mishaps happen due to carelessness and a lack of common sense. For example, if everyone diligently followed the road safety rules, there would be fewer accidents than we witness today. For example, the right attitude rather than your driving skills is the key to avoiding most accidents.

Road traffic experts state that most accidents, especially among younger people, happen because of sheer irresponsibility. Even tactics like defensive driving while on the road can save you and other road users time, money, and lives. It applies more to your common sense, and however stressful that rush hour or arrogant other users might be, it is your responsibility to take charge and be the bigger person. Here are some of the easy and practical ways to ensure road safety while driving out there.

 Always Have Respect For The Right Of Way

What does this exactly mean? It implies that you do not obstruct anyone’s right of way, even if the legal implications prove otherwise. According to truck accident lawyer Jerome O. Fjeld, bully drivers are often the main road accident culprits. Perchance you encounter one, yield and let them pass even if they could be on the wrong. You could be tempted to block their path by moving yours in front, but this can be dangerous not just to both of you but to other road users, too. Another dangerous maneuver is weaving in and out of traffic, and however much you could be in a rush, such antics are a serious threat to overall road safety.

Pay Attention To The Speed Limit

Most motorists fail to understand that it is not just illegal but dangerous to exceed speed limits. There are tangible reasons why the same speed limit has been set for certain sections along that road, and abiding with this can save you so much trouble. It is always hard for the car to slow down when you are hard on the accelerator.

At this point, you cannot rule out hitting pedestrians, animals, or even your car going out of control. But then again, think of the huge fines you may have to pay once you are caught speeding. Any of these should be deterrent enough such that you stay within the allocated speed limits along the road sections. So say you have an allocation of 50kmph; common sense should keep you within those, and not 52kmph or more.

Always Be Vigilant and Alert While on The Road

The most common excuse by drivers is that they never saw the other car or person before an accident. But that could be because they weren’t concentrating on what’s exactly happening on the road. It is your responsibility to be on the lookout and not expecting other motorists or pedestrians to care for road safety. Staying alert also means you give yourself plenty of room to maneuver if you encounter a dangerous situation. Again, remember, playing loud music and speaking on your mobile phone can distract you. The best thing would be to lower your music and choose a hands-free phone conversation.

Also, heavy traffic comes with so much uncertainty, and it should be up to you to anticipate the likely actions that other motorists could do. At this point, staying wary should be your number one action. Traffic signals, junctions, and road diversions are also things for which to be careful. It can avert a head-on collision with hasty drivers who might quickly come onto the highway without much thought.

Never Let Go Of Your Seat Belt

One of the most crucial safety gears in your car is the seat belt. There shouldn’t be any exception for anyone. So, if you have a passenger and you are the driver, everyone needs to belt up. Experts say that the sudden force that occurs due to a collision can cause severe injuries to your ribcage or lungs, as you either slump on the steering wheel or the dashboard. Such force can also throw you so violently out of the car, which, of course, can be fatal. Hence, even if some people think a seat belt is insignificant, it is the greatest life-saving device on the road.

There are so many things you can do to prevent road mishaps. The most important thing is developing the right attitude every time you get behind the wheel. Thinks also about your level of judgment and how it can affect road use. For example, if you know you are intoxicated, or under medical treatment, or even stressed, it would be good to have someone else drive or postpone your journey altogether until you feel better.