Simple Useful Tips To Easily Ship Your Car Across The Country

Did you buy a new car from another state and want to transport it? Or are you moving out to the other side of the country? Regardless of the reason, the ideal solution is to get your car shipped safely across the country. The question is, how do you go about doing that? And is it best to drive it yourself or let a shipping company do it for you? Some people may be reluctant to have their car shipped, fearing that it may get scratched or scraped during transportation. The following article will provide you with excellent tips on how to ship your car safely across the country, so keep reading!

Check Different Options

When you consider shipping your car, it is important to know that there are two common ways to do that: first is open transport and second is enclosed transport. Both ways vary in technique and price, and you can choose whatever suits your car best, however, if you have a luxury or classic car, it is best to choose enclosed transport. Enclosed shipping ensures the safety of your car since it will be placed in a four-wall carrier that carries a few cars. With open transport, on the other hand, means that your car will be compressed against a bunch of other cars while being exposed to the weather. So, if your car is old and strong, you should go for the latter option.

Compare Prices

The cost of car shipping depends on many factors like the model, condition, distance, and type of transport. Prices vary from a company to another, so it’s best to check different options until you find a suitable trusted company that can get your car shipped safely and affordably. For instance, if you’re shipping your car 2750 miles away, the estimated cost can be around $1500. It costs less when it is transported via an open carrier instead of an enclosed one. The experts at American Auto Shipping explain that prices vary according to the time of the year you’re shipping your car in. The cost is less in wintertime, as suggested by these experts, since rain and snow can affect the car when it is in open transport. The cost will eventually be higher depending on whether your car is transported from a city to another or a totally different state.

Choose a Trusted Company

Deciding on a shipping company based on prices only is a big mistake. You should take into consideration other essential factors when choosing a shipper but since there are many companies on the market, it is challenging to decide. Therefore, you should check online reviews to help you make a wise decision. Consider on-time fast delivery, safe shipping, good customer service, and reasonable prices. Look for a variety of companies and get them to send you online quotes. Make sure you check their specialty as well since some shippers are only specialized in certain types of vehicles. Stay away from shipping companies that ask for an upfront payment as they are likely to take your money and not offer any service.

Get Ready for Pickup

There are two shipping options: terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door. The first option allows you to leave and pick up your car from a designated location. Your vehicle may stay there for a couple of days along with other cars waiting to be picked up by the shipping company. So, if you’re in no hurry, you can go with this option, especially if you’re looking for the cheapest way to transport your car. The second option will get someone to pick your car up from an area you choose and drop it off as close as possible to your desired location. Be sure to check that your car is drivable; ensure that the batteries and tires are in check and don’t forget to gas up. However, you only need your tank to be less than one-quarter full so your car won’t have more weight, which makes you pay more.

Unless your destination is less than 200 miles, shipping your car is the best option. Driving your vehicle for over 200 miles is exhausting and expensive. Think of how much you will spend on gas and food if you drive your car. Alternatively, hire a professional shipping company that can get the job done promptly and safely, while you travel more conveniently and comfortably. Choose a shipping company that ensures safe and fast delivery of your car. Keep the listed tips in mind to help you with the shipping, and travel safe!

Steen Hansen
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