Top 12 Single Watch Winders to Keep you Ticking Along

Chronovision-One Single Watch Winder

Automatic watches need movement to work, but what happens when you take yours off? To find out, read the top 12 single watch winders to keep you ticking along.

What is a watch winder?

A watch winder is a mechanical device that creates a gentle movement to keep the mechanism in an automatic watch moving. The movement keeps the spring wound, and it’s the stored energy of the wound spring that powers the watch.

Why use a watch winder?

To power the timepiece, automatic watches use a metal weight or rotor. When the wearer moves their wrist, it causes the motor to spin. Without movement, an automatic watch will stop. It’s as simple as that. A watch winder keeps the watch working, so it’s good to go, when worn.

If the watch has calendar functions, leave it to unwind, and the time, day, and date will all need resetting.

Is it bad to allow an automatic watch to unwind?

Years ago, watches used mineral oil as a lubricant, which means when a watch stopped, over time, the oil would gumup. The sticky oil would affect the watch’s precision. Today’s watches use synthetic lubricants, so this isn’t a problem.

Are watch winders bad for your watch?

The key to a good watch winder is its ability to provide the right amount of movement to keep an automatic watch ticking over. Too little and it will stop; too much, and it runs the risk of stressing the movement.

Not everything is created equal, though, so read on to find the best watch winder for you.

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1. Mozsly Single Watch Winder

Mozsly Single Watch Winder

The rectangular-shaped Mozsly is compact, neat, and its quality look belies its modest price. The watch pillow is made from memory foam, so it should accommodate most watches. The watch winder is available in a choice of four color options.

The winder has four rotation intervals and three directions, which, thanks to the Japanese -made motor, run almost silently. The Mozsly can be powered via the mains or AA batteries, making it an ideal travel companion. It is supplied with a two-year warranty.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
Yes Yes 4 3

SHOP HERE / $79.99 USD


2. WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder

Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover

WOLF has been making jewelry cases since 1843, and the quality and precision of their products is unquestionable. This case may be on the large side, but thanks to its padded black faux leather finish and chrome dials, you won’t want to hide it away.

The WOLF runs on battery or mains. The watch cuff is flexible enough to take larger, heavier watches and is securely locked onto the rotator drum. The motor is pre-programmed for 900 turns per day, while rotation is multi-directional.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
Yes Yes 1 3



3. Chiyoda Single Automatic Watch Winder

Chiyoda Single Automatic Watch Winder

With its hand made high gloss finish and large acrylic window, the Chioda Single Automatic Watch Winder has the appearance of a top-end display case rather than a budget price winder. A Japanese Mabuchi motor allows for four turn-per-day options in three directions.

The winder is battery or mains operated. The gold-colored controls are located at the back to ensure the diagonally-hinged front of the case appears clutter-free.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
Yes Yes 4 3

SHOP HERE / $68.99 USD 


4. L.HPT Single Watch Winder Gloss Black

l.hpt automatic single watch winders

The L.HPT Single Watch Winder winder comes in a big, bold, black, gloss case with a sizable acrylic, glass viewing window. The circular watch platform is designed to accommodate all size watches.

Powered by the industry-standard Mabuchi motor, silent running is guaranteed, and the single watch winder is operated with a battery or mains. A single directional control dial is located on the back of the case.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
Yes Yes 1 4

SHOP HERE / $327.40 USD 


5. L.HPT 2 Watch Winder in Carbon Look

Watch case for automatic watches

This watch winder is the second offering from L.HPT, but this model offers a two-watch winder.  With the same size case as the single winder, it accommodates two watches by using angled cuffs.

The case features a carbon-like finish with red stitching, and the single chrome control dial is located behind the large display glass. Two independent motors allow for customizable motion.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
Yes Yes 1 4

SHOP HERE / $418.56 USD 


6. Mineesi Single Automatic Watch Winder

Wooden Single Automatic Watch winder

The Mineesi’s cube-shaped wooden case features an attractive high gloss New Zealand Pine grain. Together with the tan leather watch platform, it looks equally at home in a display case as it does on a bedside locker.

Control dials are on the back to keep the design uncluttered, while four rotation modes keep the watch in great shape. The case, when open, features an auto-stop feature. It is either battery or mains operated.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
Yes Yes 1 2



7. Heiden Battery Powered Single Watch Winder

Watch Winder in Walnut

The Heiden’s substantial sized handmade walnut-finish case has a large angled acrylic glass display window and is hinged diagonally for easy access. The cuff is fully adjustable, and there’s an ON/OFF switch inside the case to aid watch removal.

Battery or mains powered, a useful feature of the Heiden is the horizontal slider switches for four turn-per-day speeds and three directions. A Mabuchi motor allows for quiet and precise movement on this mid-priced watch winder.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
Yes Yes 4 3

SHOP HERE / $139.95 USD 


8. Versa Elite Black Leather Single Watch Winder

Versa Elite Black Leather Single Watch Winder

Thanks to the black leather finish and white stitching on the case, the Versa Elite looks far more expensive than its budget price tag suggests. The acrylic glass window is sizable, allowing for an increased display area and plenty of room for larger watches to rotate freely.

The watch platform is sprung loaded to accommodate different bracelet sizes. Like most Mabuchi powered winders, it has four turn modes and three directional modes.  The Versa is mains powered only.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
No Yes 4 4

SHOP HERE / $169.95 USD 


9. Boda Concept Automatic Watch Winder with LED Backlight and LCD Display for a Single Watch

Watch Winder with LED Backlight

The handsome dark grain gloss is one of three case finishes that also include carbon and jet black gloss. The Boda Concept case has some great features, including a locking door and an interior backlight.

The spring-loaded watch mount fits most watches, and a colossal 78 winding programs allow for universal compatibility. The mains-only winder features an LCD information display and two special programs for Speed Winding and Night Mode.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
No Yes 78 3



10. Jins & Vico Premium Natural Bamboo Automatic Watch Winder

Watch Winder with LED lightAs its name suggests, the Jins & Vico case is made from an appealing natural bamboo material, which gives the shell a superior, premium look. The switchable backlit interior adds to its quality look, which is surprising as it’s one of the lower-priced options.

The winder features a nicely detailed, removable watch pillow that adjusts for width. Better still, it has a ball and spring mechanism for precise and safe location in the winder. A four-position mode switch is located on the back, and the winder is mains only.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
No Yes 1 4



11. Chronovision-One Single Watch Winder

Chronovision-One Single Watch Winder

This option is the Rolls-Royce of watch winders, which is hardly surprising considering it is almost ten times the price of our least expensive choice. It does, however, have all the bases covered in terms of features.

Revolutions range from 500 – 2,500 with three directions and cover any automatic watch brand you care to name. It’s possible to program the winder via Bluetooth and a free Smartphone app, and the winder stops in the 12 o’clock position.

The watch pad is adjustable, and the winder runs on battery or mains. The beautifully finished cubic case is available in a choice of five colors and 14 finishes.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
Yes Yes 42 3



12. Swiss Kubik StartBox Single Watch Winder

Swiss Startbox Watch Winder
Photo credit: Laurits Vestergaard

At $460 this watch winder is one of the more expensive items on this list, but there is definitely a reason behind the price. It has a clean design and the shape makes it very robust.

The winder only has one rotation interval and two directions, which although it isn’t the fanciest, does the job really well.

It can only be powered via two 1,5 V batteries. The batteries that come with it have an expected lifespan of 3 years which is also the number of years the product is covered by warranty. Due to it only being 12x12x12 and only 1 kilo the StartBox is easy to bring with you when you’re traveling.

Battery Power Cable TPD Modes Directions
Yes No 1 2

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It’s all a Wind-Up

Whether you are considering a budget option or a top-shelf model watch winder, you’ll find precisely what you’re looking for amongst our Top 12 Single Watch Winders to Keep You Ticking Along.

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