Small Batch Cigars – Rare Just Taste Better

Small Batch Cigars - Rare Just Taste Better

Smoking cigars is one of the most popular habits worldwide, making more and more people interested in information about cigars.

If this is your case, we can tell you that you have come to the ideal place to find cigar options that come in small batch presentations and with much more affordable prices than other cigars would have, such as unique or expensive cigars.

The important thing is that you already have defined what you like in a cigar, allowing you to get similar options that can satisfy you without problems.

On the other hand, it can also be specified that cigars in small batches are cigars that can be consumed regularly without spending too much money, being able to share them in the most memorable moments with other people. 

Therefore, it is essential that you can choose the best cigars in small batches to learn a little more about them. 

With this in mind, below, we will talk about the benefits of smoking cigars in small batches, the best brands, and some good examples so you can enjoy them. 

Backwood: Small Batch Cigars

Considered one of the most famous small-batch cigar brands in the United States for many years, Backwoods have the main advantage of being natural cigars with wood essence and a “manly” air. 

This makes them attracts a lot of attention from people who love nature, mainly because their combination of flavors and smells evoke that forest environment.

Its birth in 1970 significantly impacted the smokers’ market, giving them the option of trying a much more rustic but charming element.

At that time, the brand had some cigars on the market and was dedicated to advertising them to attract the attention of its consumers.

Instead, the brand has ten different cigars that make the palates of those who taste them fall in love.

These cigars take natural names, keeping the following: Honey, Honey Bourbon, Dark Stout, Russian Cream, and Black Russian.

It can also be said that this cigarette has been used for different activities, such as creating new handmade cigarettes derived from its packaging.

This shows how resistant its exterior is and the high quality printed on each one to considerably improve the offer to all smokers worldwide.

List of Small Batch Cigar Brands

Below you’ll find some small batch cigars brands.


Among the small batches, you can get the ones from the Olivia brand, which come well pressed in very comfortable packaging and with limited-edition certification.

This type of cigar has a characteristic smell that always invites you to enjoy one more, ideal for smoking during your favorite team’s games or when you are already calm while resting at home.

They can be obtained in the market at different prices, depending on the type of product chosen, maintaining a margin between $150 and $200 when they are not special editions.


Perdomo is a Small Batch brand that maintains a premium line of blended cigars layered with the aged bourbon. Best of all, the tobaccos used are also aged for a deep, concentrated flavor.

Also, if you love handmade cigars, this is an unparalleled option since it perfectly balances aroma, strength, and cigar flavor.

Its manufacture is Nicaraguan, but it maintains its Cuban roots. The contrast of all its elements makes it an excellent choice to enjoy during a celebration or with trusted friends.

Seriously Small Batch

Rolled by hand, this type of cigar has widespread popularity, making many people delighted to have their cigars.

Its range of 8 vitolas and its unique manufacture for exclusive sale makes it an ideal brand to savor good cigars without spending too much.

Its packaging includes five different sizes and flavors of cigars, making it easy to try them without spending tons of money.

In addition, they brim with notes of earth, leather, chocolate, and molasses, as well as a spicy touch characteristic of Agonorsa, perfect for taking advantage of quiet days and sharing with friends or family.

Each smoker can choose the batch that suits them best, improving the touch of the cigar and enhancing enjoyment.

The Dawn (Limited Edition)

One of the main characteristics of this cigar is that it is straightforward to hold in hand. It is comfortable to be with, and the tobacco feels evenly distributed.

As for the aromas, this cigar has fatty fragrances that evoke dark chocolate and ginger skewers. There is also a strong pod of vanilla, lemon, cedar, and white pepper, which makes it a very creamy cigar.

It can be a healthy option for some people, so it is convenient to try it calmly before making a decision.

Summarize Small Batch Cigars

There are as many cigars as there are tastes in the world, meaning smokers have to spend some time looking for their ideal match. This does not mean that there is only one option for each, but the occasions and the enjoyment can change.

These small-batch cigars are designed to be shared and have room to repeat one if desired. The best thing is that they have an affordable market price, and most of them come in limited editions that make them attract much more attention.

It should be noted that smoking is an excellent way to reduce stress and prevent diseases caused by low dopamine production in the body, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

It is only recommended to try quality products and avoid abusing this activity, as it could cause significant damage to the body.

Photo credit: Cigar Emperor Ltd