Sony’s Playstation Watch is a Unique Time Piece For All Retro Gamers

The 90’s and early 00’s are already considered to be the stone age of the video gaming industry. However, the big brands who set the milestones back then continue to set the bar for lots of gear, clothing and re-launched consoles. Sony has now based a watch on the item that started it all – meet the Sony Playstation Watch!

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Sony's Playstation Watch is a Unique Time Piece For All Retro Gamers

Tribute to the original Playstation 1

Sony’s new silicone Playstation Watch is a miniature-shaped watch created after Sony’s first console, also known as the Playstation 1. The watch comes with a digital backlit illuminated display and tree buttons to set and display the time – of course the formerly known power and eject buttons on the console.

Sony's Playstation Watch is a Unique Time Piece For All Retro Gamers

The best part about the Playstation watch

When it comes to retro accessories, we all know there’s tons of cheap merchandise, replicas and copy cats. The good news are, that this lovely time piece is officially licensed by Sony Playstation. Rest assured, the watch is a quality product and in addition to tell the time it will also remind you about the many good times spent playing back in the days.

Price: $26 USD


  • Silicone wrist watch
  • Shape and design of the original PlayStation
  • Backlit illuminated display
  • Officially licensed PlayStation product

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