Tequila Don Julio: One of the most renowned tequila brands

Established in 1942, we can say without a doubt that the Mexican Don Julio tequila has given the world one of the most exquisite and finest drinks ever. Although many tequilas delight the palate nowadays, only a few have truly succeeded and pleased the public, as tequila Don Julio has done through the decades. It’s as if tequila Don Julio was specially created to give every person a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to its delicious ingredients. From pure Blue Weber to great prices, here you’ll find everything you need to know about this fantastic brand and its products. 

Don Julio Tequila 

Proudly Mexican, Don Julio is currently one of the most renowned tequila brands in the world; it’s the largest in value and eighth in volume. This tequila is distilled, produced, bottled, sold, and distributed by Tequila Don Julio, S.A de C.V, whose headquarters are in El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico. Due to its fame, his product is broadly distributed and sold with the help of major providers, reaching almost every corner of the world. 

The story of Don Julio started in 1942 when a 17-year-old entrepreneur, Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada, saw a unique opportunity in tequila production. Back then, he dreamed of showing the world more of the great Mexican culture and heritage by mass-manufacturing this ancestral drink produced since the 16th century. This dream and his natural passion for tequila were the main inspirations for him to create what’s now one of the best premium tequilas worldwide. 

The young man had a lot of vision and potential, but as he was just a teenager, he didn’t have much money to materialize his idea. Nevertheless, that wasn’t an obstacle for him because he got help from a powerful local businessman when Don Julio told his dream. This man realized this project’s ample business opportunity and borrowed the teenager a loan to create his first tequila distillery. From that moment, Don Julio González dedicated his life to establishing a solid distillery and spent the next four decades improving his craft. 

Manufacturing process 

As you may know, Tequila is only celebrated in Mexico, and the agave plant used to produce tequila has more than 300 different species. However, thanks to its properties, the blue agave plant is the only one used to make the best and 100% original tequila. Don Julio tequila takes too seriously to ensure the best quality, and during the making, they only select the best-matured agave of the highest caliber. But what’s most outstanding is that his agave is also carefully hand-selected after 8 to 10 years of growing.  

After choosing the perfect agave, to ensure uniform cooking, the Mexican brand hand-cuts piñas, the heart of the plant, into three or four pieces, depending on the size. It’s important to know that other distilleries only cut them in half or don’t cut them; that’s one of the reasons why Don Julio stands out from others. Once this part is done, piñas are slowly steam-cooked in traditional stonework ovens for approximately three days. Then the drink is converted into alcohol by mixing the agave juice with water and a unique and natural yeast strain. Finally, the double distillation batch process separates and concentrates the tequila’s heart in pot stills, producing Don Julio’s smooth and consistent taste.

Don Julio tequila price 

Now that you know the fascinating process of making tequila, you may wonder how much it costs to have one of its outstanding products. You’ll be surprised that a Don Julio tequila isn’t as expensive as you think, with Don Julio Blanco being the cheapest at $41.99 and Don Julio 1942 being the priciest at $119.99. Of course, the actual price varies depending on where you buy it, but that’s approximately the average cost. 

This tequila is usually sold in bottles of 750 milliliters, which makes it the ideal presentation to carry on effortlessly. What’s best is that you can find this superb beverage at your nearest retailer, supermarket, bar, or restaurant; if you’re lucky, some of them will offer you incredible discounts. You can also buy any bottle online, as there is plenty of stock, but be careful and only buy on your trusted page.   

Don Julio Real 

On the one hand, we have Don Julio real; it was released in 1996 and is probably the most exclusive tequila in the whole brand’s collection. This product is blended with añejo tequila between three to five years, which creates a unique combination of flavors. Unlike another añejo Don Julio’s tequilas, this version is aged in the finest American white oak barrels and some casks previously used to age Canadian whisky. Regarding the design, three silver agave plants decorate the bottle’s sides, and a pineapple-shaped silver cork stopper completes the eye-catching design. 

As for the taste, Don Julio Real features many tasty aromas like vanilla, fresh dill, cigar tobacco, and a salty nose with a hint of light rum. On the other hand, the taste is amazingly complex, with aged rum notes that mask a fascinating subtle touch of agave. The best thing is that these smooth aromas and rich flavors are enhanced when you first try them. Also, the appearance is clear and pale golden, and the majestic aftertaste will be thorough as it’s long with spicy oak and lingering agave. Due to this tequila’s rare and exclusive nature, a bottle of Don Julio Real is around $350, but once you try it, you won’t regret it. 

Don Julio 1942 

This legendary tequila was created to pay tribute to the year in which Don Julio González started his tequila-making journey. This edition was handcrafted in small batches and aged for at least two and a half years to fulfill expectations. Don Julio 1942 features a blast of tasty vanilla on the nose accompanied by roasted agave, caramel, and a slight tad of oak. Once you taste it, it displays a creamy body with a taste full of caramel notes, a tasty smoky flavor, and a rich chocolate note, all well-balanced. Another highlight of this bottle is that it is an excellent option for every drinker, especially for those bourbon fans, because they can find some familiar notes in this 1942 tequila. 

Moreover, this drink offers a fantastic sipper with no bad bite or alcohol burn, so you don’t have to worry about them. It’s usually drunk neat as it goes down nicely, but if you want to try something different, a good recommendation is to add large ice cubes that will avoid dilution. You can expect to find Don Julio 1942 between $150 and $180, which is a reasonable price considering that it’s a special edition to pay tribute to the company founder’s legacy. 

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Don Julio Añejo 

Don Julio añejo was first launched in 1996 and is usually aged for a minimum of 18 months and a maximum of 2 years in American white oaks. The aroma of this tequila is similar to that of bourbon, with notes of vanilla, caramel, oak, and a tiny hint of orange. Your palate will be completely satisfied as it has oak and bourbon-like vanilla flavors, sweet butterscotch, and smoky notes. One of the highlights of this añejo is that it’s a nice sipper, perfectly well-balanced with a pleasantly warm, smoky character, and fully rich in agave flavor.

It’s a perfect tequila for those who enjoy a long but delightful finish, with cinnamon being its main highlight. This añejo’s rich, complex, and distinctive flavor creates the perfect balance between agave, wood, and some vanilla nuances. Most people recommend drinking it neatly in a snifter to have a pleasurable experience, but it’s also delicious on the rocks. This modern-classic finest example of añejo is more affordable than the other tequilas on this brand, falling in the $50 to $60 range. 

Don Julio Blanco 

This best-seller tequila is made from the best pure Blue Weber agave resulting from an excellent harvest that takes between 7 to 10 years. Thanks to its traditional flavor, it is currently one of the world’s best silver or Blanco tequilas. Its intense aroma might make you think at first it’s warm, but it’s sweet and smooth with mineral notes that balance the taste. Although it’s a bit thin and medium length, it offers an extraordinary flavor with a nice bit at the end. 

The best thing is that you can drink Don Julio Blanco neat, but if you want to try it as a mixer, it’s a great option as it mixes pleasingly with any cocktail. The unaged tequila flavor of Don Julio Blanco makes it approachable for those new to this fascinating tequila world. However, it also offers a classic taste for experienced drinkers familiar with this delicious drink. Its price and availability vary from store to store, but you can find a bottle of this for the fantastic price of $50.

Don Julio Reposado 

This reposado tequila results from aging Don Julio Blanco in an oak barrel for eight months before bottling. Don Julio Reposado features a light golden amber tint with caramel and vanilla flavors absorbed from the contact with the barrel. The nose has a grassy solid and agave note with a slight hint of honey and stewed fruit. The first impression will be agave-grass-vegetal notes with a touch of sweetness and spicy oak tones, and in the midpalate, vanilla and herbaceous notes come into focus. 

Once it’s swallowed, you’ll feel a warming sensation in your throat from delicious peppery spices. This tequila also features a smooth and complex essence through the taste experience, but it’s ideal for both tequila lovers and newcomers. Surprisingly, Don Julio Reposado’s price is only $55, which makes it one of the cheapest options in the whole brand. 

Don Julio 70 

Tequila Don Julio 70 is one of the most exclusive products in the brand, as it was launched to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the distillery founded by Don Julio González in 1942. This bottle is made from Blue Weber agave fruit harvested in the most prominent Jalisco’s agave-growing regions. Tequila Don Julio 70 is also aged for 18 months in the finest oak barrels, and before bottling and it’s filtered through activated charcoal, which removes any edges. 

Moreover, this drink is incredibly smooth yet flavorful with little to no burn, featuring oak, vanilla, spices, and some oak notes that don’t compromise its amazing agave. From the first sip to the last, your taste buds will experience enhanced agave flavors and hints of sweet tropical fruits and white pepper. What’s best is that the finish is complemented by a blend of tobacco, spice, and wet oak flavors. In addition, this Añejo tequila is the first and the best clear tequila, which means it doesn’t have color. You’ll be pleased to know that you can get one of these incredible bottles for only $88 at your nearest shop.


It’s impressive that after eight decades of its creation, Don Julio is still one of the most renowned tequila brands in the world. When Don Julio González first dreamed of creating his distillery to share this fantastic drink with the world, he never thought it would become this popular. Nowadays, this brand offers more than a wide variety of products; it also ensures the best quality followed by an unforgettable experience from the first sip. Whereas you prefer a clear or añejo Don Julio’s tequila, you should get one of these for your collection.