The 14 Best Classic Leather Driving Gloves For All Seasons

The 13 Best Classic Leather Driving Gloves For All Seasons

A pair of classic leather driving gloves are one of the most stylish accessories – and it, of course, only gets better with a matching car. The driving glove dates back to the 1890s where steering wheels were made from uncovered metal (or wood) and there was no heating due to all automobiles being convertibles. Needless to say, that was a cold experience in the winter and could be a burning-hot experience in the summer. As well as  keeping your hands warm or protected, the gloves also have an important function in ensuring an enhanced grip.

In the list below, we focus on the classic driving gloves where 4 different styles exist:

  • Unlined design that allows the finger senses through for optimal grip and driving experience
  • Lined design with added comfort that will keep your fingers warm – the best choice for cooler days or driving convertibles
  • Full-fingered design with a comfortable fit
  • Fingerless design with the fingers cut off for the maximum sensation of grip

In addition to the different styles, driving gloves also come in a variety of designs, colors and materials. To make it easier for you, we have selected our 13 favorite leather driving gloves. Check out the list below and find your own favorite pair…or find the perfect gift for a classic car enthusiast who needs a better grip and a touch of style. Now, get out and drive!

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1. Handmade Driving Gloves by OPINARI

Hand-made Italian leather gloves by OPINARI
Image courtesy: OPINARI

The Classico Cuoio driving gloves from OPINARI are handmade in Italy from the finest Peccary leather. They have an elegant and timeless duotone design of brown leather on top and dark anthracite leather in the palm. Furthermore, a gunmetal press button on the wrist completes the luxurious look and feel. Any pair of first-class gloves come with the OPINARI leather essentials case and a key hanger.

Available in several color combinations – or in a custom design according to your wishes.

SHOP HERE / $490-525 USD


2. Hand-made Italian leather gloves by The Outlierman

Hand-made Italian leather gloves by The Outlierman
Image courtesy: TheOutlierMan

Outlierman offers a variety of gloves and limited editions for the gentleman driver. They are all handmade in Italy and this pair is made from hand-woven peccary and Nappa lambskin. The gloves are super soft and will therefore mold to your hands for the perfect fit. This is first-class design that will look even better with patina!

Available in numerous color options and editions: these are the limited edition cork/tan.

SHOP HERE / $199.95 USD


3. The classic perforated driving gloves by Prime Leather

The 13 best classic leather driving gloves The classic perforated driving gloves by Prime Leather

These soft driving gloves are made from genuine nappa leather. They are without lining and with perforated vent holes in order to ensure a tight but comfortable fit. On the elasticized wrist, they also have a strap with a snap button for easy open and close.

Available in 5 colors: black, brown, yellow, tan and white.

SHOP HERE / $23.99 USD


4. Italian winter driving gloves by Riparo Motorsports

Leather Driving Gloves Italian winter driving gloves by Riparo Motorsports

The winter gloves are made from Italian nappa leather with a soft and warm insulation made of fleece. As a result, that are particularly suited for cold weather and have an adjustable wrist strap to ensure a comfortable and tight fit.

Available in 5 color options: brown, camel, black, black with red thread and brown with brown thread.

SHOP HERE / $29.97 USD

5. Stylish black gloves with touch technology by Polo Ralph Lauren

Leather Driving Gloves Stylish black gloves with touch technology by Polo Ralph Lauren

This pair of classic black leather gloves are made from 100% leather and have elasticized cuffs, brushed silver buckle and snap closure. As a cool feature, the finger tips have touch screen technology so you don’t have to take off the gloves to answer the phone.

Available in: black.

SHOP HERE / $81.99 USD


6. The original James Bond Spectre driving gloves by Dents

Leather Driving Gloves The original James Bond Spectre driving gloves by Dents

Yes, these are in fact the exact model of leather driving gloves that James Bond (Daniel Craig) wore in Spectre! The gloves are made in England from hair sheep leather, sewn with an inseam and are unlined for the optimal grip and driving experience. Finally, the fingers and palm are perforated and the wrist is closed with a snap button.

Available in: black.



7. Warm winter gloves in Italian Nappa leather by GSG

Leather Driving Gloves Warm winter gloves in Italian Nappa leather by GSG

The winter gloves by GSG have a cool two-tone design and are made from 100% genuine sheepskin leather. Thanks to the wool lining and touchscreen sensitivity in the entire palm your hands are kept warm at all times. Also, the design is made to look slim even with the insulation. There is a leather strap with snap button on the wrist to complete the look.

Available in 5 different color combinations: black, brown and grey.

SHOP HERE / $35.99 USD


8. Traditional wool and leather gloves by Stetson

Leather Driving Gloves Traditional wool and leather gloves by Stetson

This is the perfect old-school gentleman’s glove! The leather gloves have a smooth inside made from 100% leather and a warm exterior thanks to the fishbone pattern trimming in 85% wool. Finally, the leather strap with a vintage-looking snap button completes the design.

Available in 4 colors: black-grey, brown, bordeaux and navy.

SHOP HERE / $62.44 USD


9. The classic cotton crochet driving gloves by Hungant

Leather Driving Gloves The classic cotton crochet driving gloves by Hungant

The crochet driving glove is a true classic! The palm of the gloves is made from soft Finnish deerskin leather and the top is 100% cotton crochet. With perforated holes in the palm and a tight fit, these gloves are indeed designed to maximize the driving experience…in style.

Available in: tan or black – but you can also choose from a variety of colors.

SHOP HERE / $72.99 USD


10. The classic fingerless driving gloves by Pratt and Hart

Fingerless driving gloves by Pratt and Hart

The iconic fingerless glove is the “bad boy” of driving gloves! Even though the gloves are often used as a stylish accessory, they are also ideal for driving. This is due to great grip of the leather in the palm and the direct sensation from the fingers. Pratt and Hart calls this pair “shorty”. They are made from leather and have red contrast stitching as well as open knuckles. An adjustable strap with hoop and loop ensures a comfortable fit.

SHOP HERE / $29.95 USD


11. Half mesh leather driving gloves by Riparo Motorsports

Riparo Motorsports Men's Half Mesh Leather Driving Gloves

These genuine leather driving gloves have been made specifically with motorsport in mind. The unlined and perforated design ensures an effective grip with a direct sensation. In the same time, the two-tone design is a more bold and sporty design. This is the perfect choice for attending for example racing events and track days.

Available in 9 different colors (one or two-tone)

SHOP HERE / $44.90 USD


12. Driving gloves in distressed leather by Milwaukee Leather

Men's Distressed Grey Men's Leather Driving Glove w/Wrist Snap

The driving gloves by Milwaukee Leather have a raw look thanks to the grey distressed leather made from premium cowhide. Also, they have a classic design with perforated finger panels, open knuckles and a snap wrist closure. To ensure a comfortable fit, the gloves are fitted with a light liner.

Available in: grey.

SHOP HERE / $44.90 USD


13. Leather gloves with woven effect by Stetson

Stetson Sheep Nappa Leather Gloves Men

Stetson have designed this gorgeous pair of gloves with an amazing woven effect made in leather on the back of the hands. The gloves are perfect for winter use with wool lining. As a result, the gloves feel smooth and will keep your hands warm and cozy. The strap can be adjusted to size and the vintage-looking button with brand embossing completes the look nicely.

Available in: brown and black.

SHOP HERE / $140.18 USD


14. Classic brown perforated leather gloves by Dents

Mens Dents Delta Classic Leather Driving Gloves

The leather gloves by Dents have a traditional full-finger design with open knuckles and perforated fingers holes. In other words, the classic driving glove in a stylish brown (English tan). They are made from 100% genuine leather and have a snap button closing to complete the look. Besides making the original James Bond gloves (see nr. 5 on the list), Dents are also collaborating with the famous “The Suited Racer”.

Available in: English Tan.


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