The best accessories to wear for horse racing events

The best accessories to wear for horse racing events

Horse racing events are some of the most popular sporting events in the world with people gathering from all corners of the world for some of the most anticipated events like the Kentucky Derby. Horse racing isn’t only attended for the sport itself but attracts a wide variety of people, some that aren’t even interested in horse racing as a sport but love the grandeur of the event and the opportunity to dress up, while others love the thrill of betting on the horse to be in with a chance of winning big.

For those that aren’t lucky enough to attend the race in person, there are many other ways to get involved with horse racing events if you desire to. Betting online has become a very popular activity over the last decade, in which it is now easier than ever to learn how to bet on horse racing. From finding a quality online betting site, to learning how to calculate the odds, it can all seem daunting at first, however with the right resources at your finger tips, it’s now easier than ever.

If you are planning on attending a horse race in person, there is some horse racing etiquette that you must be aware of before you go, including how to dress. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best accessories to wear for horse racing events.

Knowing when to dress up and dress down

While it is generally known that you need to make an effort with your attire for a horse race, there are some horse races that are more formal than others. Knowing when to dress up and when to dress down is important as most of us know what it feels like to show up looking overdressed or feeling like a slob and it’s not fun.

Races like the Kentucky Derby, the Pegasus World Cup in Florida, and other Breeder’s Cup competitions generally require you to pull out all the stops in terms of the dress code, from full suits for men and fancy dresses with matching hats for women.

However, generally weekday races and non-major weekend races and more relaxed and only require a business causal dress code. Here, you may be able to get away with shorts and a t-shirt on the infield, however it’s better to dress somewhere in the middle with a nice dress and flats for women or a button down shirt and slacks for men to ensure you are permitted around all areas of the race.

Women’s accessories for horse races where you need to dress up

If you’re going to a grand race like the Kentucky Derby where you need to go all out, knowing how to accessorize your outfit can be daunting for first timers. Below, we’ll list some of the top accessories you can don for an extra special horse racing event.

A fabulous hat

No race outfit is complete without the large hat to complete your outfit. Whether it is a wide brim straw hat or an elaborate floral fascinator is up to you, just be sure to ensure it matches your outfit to a tee.


Women Jewerly

On days like this, it’s best to swap the Apple watch or FitBit for something a little more dazzling. Ditch your sports accessories and get out your finest pearl earring and necklace set, your gold bracelet that you save for special occasions, or your elaborate charm bracelet that’s apprised possession.

The key with jewelry is to strike a careful balance as you are already going all out with the dress and hat so you don’t want to draw too much attention to the entire outfit and make it look tacky. If your dress is bold and attention grabbing, keep the jewelry simple and elegant with something like small pearls or simple silver. However, if your dress and hat are more elegant and sleek, then opt for a statement piece of jewelry to tie it all together.


Heels are a must when it comes to women’s attire at the races. While it’s important to choose an elegant heel, bear in mind that you’ll be standing up in them for many hours so try not to choose a stiletto that makes your toes feel like they are broken after 5 minutes.

Men’s accessories for the races

While men still need to think carefully about their accessories when it comes to dressing for the races, the good news is that it’s not as complicated as women’s race day attire. When dressing for the most formal events, pick out a luxurious watch, a bow tie or tie that accentuates your suit choice, and the appropriate formal dress shoes to pull everything together and you’re good to go.

Don’t forget about the sunglasses too to ensure you’re saved a seat at the cool table with access to the unlimited champagne.

Overall, knowing what to wear to a horse race can be overwhelming when everyone looks so fabulous and scrutiny is on what everyone is wearing. However, after the race starts and champagne begins to flow, no one will even notice if you hat blows off down the field so be sure to have fun with it and most importantly, enjoy the day.