The Best Leather Camera Straps For Around The Neck

Moment Adjustable Neck Strap for Cameras and Phones

A good neck strap adds comfort and style to your camera and is a must-have for a hobby as well as pro photographers. We guide you to the best options in leather that will feel good and look great for years!

Focus on Capturing The Best Moments

Many photography guides and tutorials tend to focus on the camera, lenses and lighting that will give you the best possible images. There are, however, additional elements to the technical set-up that will improve your experience and in particular increase safety and comfort. After all, when you are on a mission to capture great moments with your camera, the last thing you should worry about… is to lose it!

Why Use A Neck Camera Strap?

There are different ways to secure your camera and always keep it within reach. A leather neck strap is a particular handy piece of equipment because it keeps your camera right where you need it. You also get the advantage of keeping your hands free (unlike a wrist strap) and the ability to easily switch to another piece of equipment. Choosing a leather strap will add both a comfortable feel around the neck and look great. Over the years, the leather will be even softer and develop a nice-looking patina.

The Best Leather Camera Neck Straps

In the list below, we have gathered some of the best leather camera neck straps – all available on Amazon. Before choosing your personal favorite (or maybe finding the perfect present for a special someone?), here are a few things to consider:

  1. Fixed or adjustable length?
    Unless you are sure about the length, it might be handy to go for an adjustable version that can also be used for different cameras? A tip is to test the length with a piece of string on your camera before ordering. The camera should be resting on your chest. The most frequently ordered size is 40 inches/102 cm.
  2. How to attach to your camera?
    Always check how the strap is going to be attached to the camera – both by checking what kind of rings/eyelets your camera has and what is on the strap. The strap needs to fit and have a fully secure attachment.
  3. Slim versus wide strap?
    One thing is your style preference – another is the options provided by your camera. Always check the design in detail to ensure that the strap can be correctly attached. For a comfortable fit, go for a model that is wider around the neck.
  4. Leather only?
    With natural material, you get the benefit of a warm and comfortable feel – but you also need to take care of the material to keep it in its best condition. But if you do, you will have a strap that both looks and feels better with time. Always check the product for care instructions and if untreated, we recommend using natural wax.
  5. Whish design and look?
    Of course, functionality is the main thing when considering a neck strap. But; what good will it do if you don’t like it and will actually never use it? Choose a design that you like and something that fits and complements your camera. You can opt for an anonymous version without a brand or go for a more personalized option or a model from your favorite brand?

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Brown strap in vintage design by TARION

This brown strap from TARION is made from 2.5 mm thick genuine leather and has a nice medium brown color. The strap widens around the neck for a more comfortable fit and attachment is done via split rings. 

Color Options Light brown and medium brown
Strap Length 44 to 48 inches

SHOP HERE / $29.99 USD

Canpis slim leather neck strap

Slim black strap by CANPIS

The slim black strap from CANPIS has a classic and simple design. It’s made from genuine leather and has vintage stitching in white that also ensures that the strap is kept together. Attachment is done via split rings.

Color Options Black and brown
Fixed Strap Length 39 inches / 100 cm

SHOP HERE / $21.99 USD

Moment Adjustable Neck Strap for Cameras and Phones

Adjustable neck strap in light leather by Moment

This light brown strap from Moment is made from premium American leather (two layers bonded together). The strap is wider around the neck and has matte black buckles. Attachment is done via loops and you also get a quick-release function.

Color Options Light brown
Adjustable Strap Length 37 to 44 inches

SHOP HERE / $49.99 USD

Tether brown leather camera strap

Comfortable leather strap with suede by TETHER

The wide leather strap by TETHER is made from soft genuine leather and has a deep brown color. The way you secure the ends have a clever braided design that looks great and ensures that the camera stays safe. Attachment is universally compatible with two options.

Color Options Black, brown, grey and tan
Fixed Strap Length 10 inches

SHOP HERE / $42.95 USD

Braided leather camera strap

Braided handmade strap in dark brown by SupaDupa

This slim dark brown strap from SupaDupa has a gorgeous braided design. It’s made from high-quality leather and has a strong cotton cord embedded. You also get a 9 inch (23 cm) removable pad for extra comfort. Attachment is via split rings.

Color Options Dark brown
Fixed Strap Lengths 41” (105cm) or 47″ (120cm)

SHOP HERE / $69.99 USD

Cotton strap with leather pad by 4V Design

Cotton strap with leather pad by 4V Design

This strap is made from a soft cotton ribbon but has a full leather pad with memory foam for extra comfort. The pad has contrast stitching in cyan and hand-painted edges. Attachment is via split rings – you also get a fit kit with the strap. You can also choose between slim, medium and large.

Color Options Black, brown and green
Fixed Strap Length 43 inches

SHOP HERE / $24.95-34.45 USD

Leica Camera Strap

Deluxe vintage brown strap by Leica

The leather carrying strap by Leica is made from the softest calfskin leather. It has a gorgeous vintage brown color and white stitching to keep everything securely together. Attachment is via split rings and protective tabs on each side prevents scratching of the camera body.

Color Options Multiple color options
Adjustable Strap Length 39 to 46 inches (100 to 118 cm)


Overlap leather camera strap

Highly adjustable black strap by TETHER

This black leather strap from TETHER is made from premium leather and designed to last for years. Thanks to the overlap design, you get a highly adjustable strap that can also be used crossbody. Attachment is done via loops and silver buckles keep the strap in place.

Color Options Black and tan
Adjustable Strap Length 30 to 72 inches

SHOP HERE / $59.95 USD

Antique leather camera strap

Handcrafted strap in antique cognac brown by ONA

The elegant strap from ONA is made from full-grain premium leather in a great looking antique cognac brown. It has steel keyring clasps, scratch guards in leather and the entire strap is stitched together. Attachment is via split rings.

Color Options Antique cognac brown
Fixed Strap Length 40 inches


Black braided leather strap

Black braided strap by Lance Camera Straps

This slim black strap from Lance Camera Straps is handmade from genuine leather that is braided together to give it a round and smooth look. The ends have hand-stitching to keep it securely in place. Attachment is via split rings.

Color Options Black
Fixed Strap Length 48 inches


Ona leather camera neck strap
Image courtesy: ONA

Padded leather strap by ONA

The antique cognac leather strap from ONA has a neoprene-padded neckline for ultimate comfort. It’s handcrafted from full grain leather and has two sets of chrome buckles for adjusting the length and stylish rivets. Attachment is via straps and buckles.

Color Options Antique cognac or dark truffle brown leather
Adjustable Strap Length Total length of 63 inches with adjustable drop length between 24 and 29 inches


Sing belt leather strap

Wide leather strap by Pawia

This wide brown leather strap by Pawia has a chunky vintage design. Its made from high quality full grain leather and has heavy-duty antique steel hardware for extra durability. The natural texture of the leather provides an anti-slip effect. Attachment is via split rings.

Color Options Light brown
Fixed Strap Length 38 inches

SHOP HERE / $19.99 USD

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