The Birth Of A Weapon: Damascus Bowie Knife

The reason for writing this article is simply to share a video of world-class craftsmanship – once again from Northmen Guild. The documentary movie uncovers the process of creating a Bowie knife made from Damascus steel by seven Northmen Guild craftsmen.

The birth of a weapon

The blade has a very unique pattern developed by bladesmith Chris. He is one of the most experienced knife makers in the Baltic States and has had a passion for blades since childhood.

Chris learned the craft as an apprentice to a master bladesmith for 10 years. He has studied history and has done extensive research in historical blades and craft techniques, focusing on Damascus and pattern welded steel in Scandinavian Viking weapons – everything from swords, knives and arrowheads.

The making of a very unique Damascus Bowie knife

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Steen Hansen
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