The Cheapest Ways to Ship a Car Cross Country

The Cheapest Ways to Ship a Car Cross Country

Moving cross-country can be fun and exciting, especially for those who don’t mind getting out into the world and exploring. However, others may find the moves scary and intimidating. After all, moving is often a chaotic venture. Regardless of how people feel about these situations, they usually have at least one thing in common. Nobody wants to spend what feels like an arm and a leg to move.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you don’t overpay for your cross-country move. For instance, get multiple quotes from moving companies and pick the one that offers you the best deal. It is also a good idea to schedule the task during the moving off-season. Typically, from October to April, things slow down for movers. Thus, you should be able to get a bargain. 

Have you decided what you’re doing with your vehicle? If you’re taking your vehicle with you to your new home, but you don’t really want to drive it across the country, your only option is to have your car shipped. Once you’ve decided to hire a car shipping company, the question becomes, “How much will the car shipping cost be?”

The Price Varies

Car shipping companies tend to follow their own rules in setting rates for their services.  Therefore, what one person pays for car shipping may not be the same as what someone else pays. Factors that often impact car shipping costs, excluding the season, include:

  • Distance
  • Vehicle size
  • Type of shipment

So if you own an SUV or a pickup truck, expect to pay more to have your vehicle shipped, especially across the country. 

Affordable Vehicle Shipping Options

The type of shipment can also affect people’s car shipping costs substantially. One of the cheapest options is to hire someone to move your machine via truck and trailer. Car owners wanting the most in protection will likely want to schedule a closed auto transport. Then, their vehicles are stored in enclosed containers where they’ll be safe from rain, hail, and other elements behind walls, roofs, and doors. 

However, car owners that want their rides transported cross-country for as cheap as possible should go with open transport. The trailers vehicles are loaded onto will be open with this alternative. Thus, the cars won’t be safeguarded as much from bird droppings, debris, and the elements. 

Even with open transport, your car will likely get delivered no worse for wear than when it left your possession. And if something does go wrong, providing that you did your research and hired a legit and reputable car shipping company, you should be able to file a claim with an insurer if a disaster strikes.

Why Cross-Country Shippers Can Offer Deals to Individual Clients

When you schedule an auto transport with the shipper of your choosing, unless you pay extra, there’s a good chance that your vehicle won’t be the only one that’s getting moved at once. Car shipping companies regularly try to obtain full loads before taking off. Then, their operating costs aren’t as high, and they are able to pass the savings along to their clients.

Car shipping companies also often offer discounts to customers who want to have their cars shipped during less busy months.

DIY Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank

Car owners don’t necessarily have to rely on others to move their vehicles cross-country. Therefore, if you’re looking for cheap solutions that don’t involve a shipper, how about transporting the car yourself? If you don’t mind spending hours cooped up in a small space, you can drive the car to your destination. Before taking off, you can even fill the trunk and backseat full of stuff. That may save you some money. 

Or what about towing? Do you already have to drive a pickup or RV to the new place? Renting a tow dolly, bar, or trailer from a rental company will allow you to pull a car behind it. Then, you won’t have to worry about covering any labor costs, as you’ll be doing the work yourself.

Some Final Thoughts

You have various options if you’re planning to get your car across the country. When affordability is the primary concern, you can drive your car yourself. You can even rent a trailer or a tow dolly and do all the hard work yourself. If you have the funds to spare, though, getting your car shipped is a more convenient option. Just make sure to do your research so you hire a reliable car shipping company that won’t put your vehicle in danger.