Luxury arcade machine “PK42 Limestone Eclipse Edition”

The luxury arcade machine “PK42 Limestone Eclipse Edition"

All arcade machine fans have dreamt about having their own full-size arcade cabinet. The Pixelkabinett 42 by Love Hultén not only realizes that dream, it adds a whole new dimension with the Limestone Eclipse Edition!

The luxury arcade machine “PK42 Limestone Eclipse Edition"

The original Pixelkabinett 42

The Pixelkabinett 42 or “PK42” is Love Hultén’s design of a full-size arcade cabinet for two players. All of his work is unique and handmade with the possibility to customize in endless ways from the built-in computer to a built-in dry bar. The standard version comes with an original jamma board but this can be exchanged for a modern computer emulating all your favorite retro games through MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). MAME is an open source emulator designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in software on modern PCs and created with the intention to preserve gaming history by stopping vintage games from being lost or forgotten.

Limestone Eclipse Edition

Love Hultén’s latest edition to his range of vintage gaming consoles is the PK42 Limestone Eclipse Edition. The luxurious edition has an amazing authentic texture due to the beautiful Limestone finish. The center cavity displays a backlit planet with fully adjustable color and brightness. Granite laminated panels and handmade joysticks in brass and clear acrylic complete the stylish retro theme.

The luxury arcade machine “PK42 Limestone Eclipse Edition"

The Limestone Eclipse Edition has a price tag starting from $3,999.00 (just like the original PK42). We recommend checking out the different versions created by Love Hultén – the customized details and handmade solutions is what makes his products stand out.

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Who is Love Hultén?

A unique console for all retro gamers and collectors

“Love Hultén fuses traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, creating unique objects in an unexpected merge of form and function. By playing with preconceptions about art and design – the social, cultural and historical relations to objects we all share – he tears consensual connections apart and provides a new context. To present genuine and attractive alternatives to contemporary appliances, he adds unforeseen functionality, delicate execution and mystique.

​Specializing in creating one-of-a-kind exclusive objects, Hulten offer a genuine and personal experience. Everything is produced, polished, and assembled by Hultén himself in Gothenburg, Sweden.”


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