The making of: Design that lasts forever

Design classics are a sign of great taste. They are created by skilled architects and made by high-quality materials that only get better and more beautiful with age.

Design that lasts forever

The minimalistic design from the 1950s ‘mid-century modern’ still offers some of the best furniture the world has seen. The clean simplicity and integration with the nature is key in the timeless pieces which are still very popular today.

Some of the most iconic designs like “The Egg™” and “The Swan™” is made by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. In his career from 1925 to 1971 he designed numerous houses and grand buildings like the Danish Central Bank and the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

As part of the hotel interior, he designed the world known chairs inspired by an egg and a swan.

Arne Jacobsen’s very first pieces have recently reached record-breaking prices at auctions and has the attention of design lovers around the globe. Even today, “The Egg™” and “The Swan™” are still handmade of the finest materials.

The chairs are still made, and as a price example – The Egg™ can be bought for around US $13.000.
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This video takes you through the making of the original “The Egg” chair.

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SOURCERepublic of Fritz Hansen, Image: Screenshot from youtube video
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