The Most Efficient Machine For Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

wheelrestore machine for alloy wheel repair

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To the mechanics and car manufacturers who want to get a sneak peek at the newest technology in terms of diamond cut alloy wheels, here’s your answer. The Wheel Restore Machine is the perfect match for diamond cut wheel repairs. Today’s new cars come with alloy wheels of different designs, and the demand for diamond cut wheel repairs is just growing. Therefore, you need the best machine for alloy wheel repair.

Quick repair

With the Wheel Restore Machine you are guaranteed quick alloy repair for diamond cut wheels. Wheelrestore is fully automated and ensures fast and efficient service for both typical 18” wheels and complex wheels. The average time for a typical 18” wheel is 20 minutes while the repair for complex wheel designs has an average time of 30 minutes. The Laser Probing System makes the wheel shape analysis faster and more precise, making the process no longer than necessary.

Diamond cut alloy wheels can get chipped edges and damaged like any other wheel. This machine handles kerb damage, break dust and the chipped edges. Furthermore the alloy repair by the Wheel Restore Machine can give any damaged alloy wheel a shiny alloy finish.

The wheels are repaired fast and easy with the wheel lathe, all which can be seen on the user-friendly touch screen interface. The software, designed and engineered in Denmark, visualizes the repair process step by step, which makes it less complicated in comparison to other machines with complex user software.

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