The one and only Vixen GT restoration

The Vixen GT was built in the 1960s by British Formula racing driver Ian Stronach. The video below by Patina tells the remarkable story of this Vixen GT restoration process of the only one that exists today!

The one and only Vixen GT restoration

The one and only Vixen GT restoration
Image: Youtube – PATINA

Discovered in a field in France

Until discovered by the Belgian classic car collector Let Didier, the Vixen GT was sitting in a field in France. The unknown model was the first GT car with a rear mid-engined layout – meaning that the engine is in the back but in front of the rear axle line. Additionally, it was the first sports car to use an integrated rear spoiler which happened one year ahead of the Ferrari 250 GTO.

Vixen GT restoration to its former glory

No one knows exactly what happened until Didier discovered the car for sale on a website. The new owner discovered a hand-shaped aluminum body, a Formula car suspension and a faded sticker in the window indicating that the car had been racing at Zandvoort. Upon completion, Didier managed to bring the beautifully restored car back to England to be re-united with the creator and Formula racing driver Ian Stronach.

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