The Ultimate Custom Porsche 911 by THEON Design

The Ultimate Custom Porsche 911 by THEON Design

Since 2017, THEON Design has been on a mission to establish their name as one of the best custom Porsche builders. Their latest amazing recreation ‘HK001’ is evidence that THEON is here to stay!

The Ultimate Custom Porsche 911 by THEON Design

The Ultimate Custom Porsche 911

At the Grey Barn in Deddington, England, THEON Design can take care of your Porsche restoration – or customization of your 911. They call their redevelopments “recreations” because they are basically building a new car. If you deliver a donor Porsche 911/964 and a list of custom choices, THEON will create a unique car that pushes the boundaries on all levels of design and performance!

The Ultimate Custom Porsche 911 by THEON Design

No. 1 Porsche Custom Builder On The Planet

The man behind THEON Design, Adam Hawley, is a lifelong Porsche fan and skilled car designer. He designed his first car in 2014 and a few years later in 2017, he took on his first build. When the first THEON Recreation was launched in 2019, it took the world by storm! Total911 Magazine announced the team as the No. 1 Custom Porsche Builder on the planet thanks to the creation of machines that are “unparalleled in design, detailing and first class engineering”.

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The Ultimate Custom Porsche 911 by THEON Design

The THEON Recreation HK001

The latest addition to the THEON creations is the HK001 Recreation. The car has been completely transformed from a “plain” looking Porsche 964 with sunroof to an elegant and modern sportscar with amazing detail, lots of custom solutions inside and out – plus 370 hp from the 3.8-liter engine.

The Ultimate Custom Porsche 911 by THEON Design

The new slate grey paint is actually the original color of the car, but every element has been updated and upgraded. Where other custom builders might have mounted a big whale tail rear wing, THEON has chosen a smaller and more subtle design that complements the look of the car.

Thanks to the custom components and the design line throughout the car, the ‘HK001’ has amazing looks and world-class finesse. We reckon, that the new owner in Hong Kong will be over the moon – and THEON Design very busy!

You can see the HK001 in the Lovecars video featuring Tiff Needell here:

Tiff Needell drives the new Porsche 911 Restomod from THEON DESIGN

Specifications of the THEON HK001

  • Donor car: Porsche 911 (964)
  • Engine: 3.8 L with ITB’s
  • Power output: 370 bhp
  • Body: Steel with Carbon fiber bumpers and speed-sensitive lifting spoiler
  • Weight: 1225 kgs – fully wet
  • Suspension: KW Adjustable suspension
  • Color: Slate grey paint – back to original color – with noble chrome bright work
  • Interior: Luxury Sports Interior with carbon fiber substrates, leather covered in mulberry and black. Custom cabin interior and luggage bay – THEON’s own designed components
  • Conversions: C4 to 2 wheel drive conversion / equal length header / switchable exhaust system / full panel sunroof delete incorporating CMHLSL in early rear air vent
  • Other: Electric Power Steering / Electric AC
  • Wheels: Lightweight 3 piece split rim Fuchs style wheels
  • Mirrors: Custom machined aluminum electric mirrors
  • Stereo: New Porsche Classic Nav Unit with DAB, Apple CarPlay & Telephone connectivity.

Here are our best-recommended shift knobs and gauges for your own resto-mod project!

The Ultimate Custom Porsche 911 by THEON Design

More information:

The THEON HK001 is built for a Hong Kong based customer and has a price tag of around £300,000 GBP / 389,000 USD. Price upon request and depending on custom choices.

Read more about the unique THEON Design approach and ‘restomodding’ in our previous article right here.

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Photo credit: THEON Porsche