The Ultimate Espresso Machine For 1st Class Coffee

The ultimate machine for the espresso lover by Kees Van Der Westen

The Speedster espresso machine by Kees Van Der Westen looks like a piece of art but it also makes one of the most luxurious and tasteful shots of espresso on the planet! Welcome to coffee making on 1st class.

The ultimate machine for the espresso lover

Dutch design by Kees Van Der Westen

The first espresso machine by Kees Van Der Westen was made on a work-bench in 1984. It was a project to finish the Industrial Design study and even though the construction suffered several explosions, the dummy named “Embezzler” kicked off a row of amazing designs.

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Kees Van Der Vesten detailsSince the early 1980s, the Dutch company has perfected the design to build the best espresso machine possible. The Speedster was first introduced in 2001 as a limited edition only sold to family and friends. Seven years later and after several requests, the model went into production with a fully separate large steam boiler and since then, a large commercial model called Spirit has also been introduced.

Speedster machine details

What is a perfect espresso?

Espresso is the Italian word for coffee brewed by expressing or forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Sounds simple, but making the perfect espresso is quite difficult and depends on many different components. The world’s first espresso machine was patented in 1884 and at the time it was described as a “steam-driven instantaneous coffee beverage making device”. Since then, many innovations have improved espresso brewing but the target is still the same: an intense and rich coffee taste with a soft crema on top.

The ultimate coffee maker

The Speedster design has a retro feel thanks to the old-fashioned steam knobs and the overall shape reminds of a classic teardrop motorcycle gas tank. The machine is easy to use, provides extreme precision and maximum control. Everything you need to make the perfect espresso – and in a solid package! The Speedster bodywork is made in engine-turned stainless steel with aluminum panels powder coated in red and yellow, but Kees Van Der Westen offers many options for customization.

Robust espresso machine

The machine is created to consistently serve the best possible coffee. The perfection, control and strength of the components make the Speedster a unique and exclusive product similar to a rare sportscar. And even though you might not need all the horsepower, they are amazing to have!

“How to make the perfect espresso”

Espresso Guide

1. The coffee:
Freshly roasted coffee is a must (perfect spot is between 9-11 days after roasting). For an espresso, go for a Brazilian single-origin dark-roasted bean

2. The water:
Always use fresh water every time you brew and ensure the water is “soft”

3. The recipe:
Find your personal favourite experimenting with water temperature, dose of dry coffee, amount of espresso, grind etc.

4. Temperature:
High and precise temperature is a must!

5. The dose:
The traditional Italian espresso of 30 ml is made with around 14g coffee

6. Tamping:
The hot water will seek easy channels through the coffee so the grains must be uniform. After collecting the right amount, smooth the surface and then give a decisive, firm tamp

7. Extraction & grind:
An even grind is a must, and the extraction needs to be fast and controlled. Small changes can make a big difference

8. Clean machine:
Ensure that your machine is always clean. Oily residue can ruin great taste

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