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This retro wooden keyboard is both a treat for your eyes and your fingers. The wooden keyboard evokes nostalgia with its design inspired by retro typewrites – but modern technology ensures full compatibility with your Mac or PC.

Retro wooden keyboard by Azio

Retro wooden keyboard

California-based Azio Corp. is passionate about supporting your greatest work with premium workspace tools. The great look of Retro Classic keyboard will get the attention of any quality-minded retro fan – but the technology on the inside will excite you even more. Beneath every key, there are analog mechanical switches that not only deliver a great feel but also register each keypress about halfway down in the keystroke. This will enable you to type lighter, faster and more accurately with a more comfortable feel than average keyboards.

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Retro wooden keyboard by Azio

Modern take on the classic typewriter

The captures are designed to look and feel like a vintage typewriter – but with a modern twist and advanced upgrades. Luxurious materials like leather, wood and metal give you a first-class typing experience and the technical components will give you all the nice features like backlit keyset and USB/BT connection for both Mac and PC.

keyboard button


  • Round vintage-inspired keys and retro styling that look like a vintage typewriter
  • Zinc aluminum alloy keyboard frame with a black chrome plating, assembled and
  • attached with hex bolts
  • Genuine walnut wood top plate
  • Custom-designed and tuned mechanical switches
  • LED backlights at the center of each key
  • Custom embossed logo plate made from brushed anodized aluminum
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC layouts
  • Connect via USB or Bluetooth technology

Retro wooden keyboard by Azio

The Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboard is available in three elegant styles – Artisan, Elwood and Onyx, all with a price tag of $220 USD.

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