Top 10 vintage-style duffel bags for men

Full grain leather travel bag by LeatherFocus

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With a classic duffel bag you get the perfect companion for everyday use or traveling. The design dates back to the 17th century and the cylindrical, top-entry bag has been used for decades by military personnel, sailors and marines. Some modern weekend bags are heavily inspired by the original duffel bag but are turned around like a sports bag. Common for both is their great storage capacity. In addition they are also known for easy access to your essentials and they are also easy to carry over the shoulder. Keep reading to get inspiration and helpful insight when choosing your favorite vintage-style duffel bag or weekend bag. We give you our top 10 vintage-style duffel bags below.

1: Waterproof leather-look travel bag by Seyfocnia:

Top-10 vintage-style duffel bags for men - Waterproof leather-look travel bag by Seyfocnia

The travel bag from Seyfocnia is made from top PU leather shell fabric which, unlike leather, offers protection from the rain and still looks good. In addition to a large inner compartment with a zipper pocket and two insert pockets, you also get a handy shoe compartment at the end. You can choose to use the adjustable shoulder strap or remove that and simply carry via the canvas handles. The weekend bag is available in brown or black. Here you get a classic design fit for both business trips, everyday use and traveling.



2: Plambag X-large canvas duffel bag:

Top-10 vintage-style duffel bags for men - Plambag X-large canvas duffel bag

This X-large duffel bag by Plambag is made from durable canvas. It has three layers of lining and large zippers with leather pulls. 4 high-quality plastic cushions at the bottom offers maximum protection for your laptop and iPad as well as keeping the bag clean. Here you get a spacious bag with multiple pockets and lots of room. Furthermore there is a padded strap for ensuring comfort even when carrying heavy items. Thanks to the wear-resistant diamond-shaped rubber corners at the bottom, you will have this bag for years. Plambag is a stylish and lightweight choice than can even be used as a gym bag. Available in large or X-large in army green, coffee, dark grey or grey.



3: Versatile duffel bag by WITZMAN:

Versatile duffel bag by WITZMAN

This vintage-style bag by WITZMAN features various carrying options. You can use it either as a classic duffel bag or as a backpack. It’s made from premium cotton canvas and PU leather and has two front zipper pockets, side pocket and a main compartment – for example perfect for storing your laptop. The design is military-inspired and has a clever solution for hiding the backpack straps when not in use. You can choose between a variety of color options and 18.5 or 21 inches.



4: CoolBELL convertible duffel bag:

Top-10 vintage-style duffel bags for men - CoolBELL convertible duffel bag

The duffel bag by CoolBELL offers 42l of storage space and can easily be converted into a backpack or shoulder bag. Thanks to a lightweight design you get a bag perfect for hiking and traveling. Furthermore, the water-resistant material Oxford Nylon cloth and 2100D waterproof polyester lining keeps everything safe also in the rain. You can choose from six different colors – two of them camouflage.



5: BAOSHA HB-26 canvas duffel bag:

Top-10 vintage-style duffel bags for men - BAOSHA HB-26 canvas duffel bag

The vintage-styled duffel bag from BAOSHA is made from top-quality canvas. As a result the material is both dense and durable. Thanks to soft straps made from PU leather you get a bag with a comfortable fit even when carrying heavy loads. Finally you can also use the extra straps to easily convert it from classic duffel bag to tote bag, messenger shoulder bag or a backpack. A versatile bag both for everyday use, traveling and sports. Available in black, blue, coffee and grey.



6: Classic canvas bag with leather details by Kemy’s:

Classic canvas bag with leather details by Kemy's

This classic design from Kemy’s is made from heavy canvas and has a nice detailing in genuine leather. With time, the leather trim will add a nice patina that will complement the retro design. The bag has a practical shoe compartment that can be accessed from the end. In addition, you get a large storage space that is cleverly designed to keep your things separate, clean and safe. You can choose between the colours: coffee, grey and military. Finally, the bag also comes with a leather luggage tag that Kemy’s offers to be personalized with up to 6 letters.



7: NEWHEY oversized & waterproof weekend bag:

NEWHEY oversized & waterproof weekend bag

The weekend bag by NEWHEY has a large main compartment with excellent storage space that also works for more than a single weekend. High-density waterproof canvas keeps all your belongings safe from the elements. In addition, you don’t have to worry about it ripping or tearing. The genuine leather straps and the solid zinc-alloy hardware add a quality-feel to the bag. Rounded handles and the adjustable shoulder strap will make it a perfect travel companion. In spite of it’s volume it’s still the perfect size for a carry-on flight bag. Choose between brown, camp or grey (all with dark brown leather straps).



8: All leather duffel bag by Komal’s Passion Leather:

All leather duffel bag by Komal's Passion Leather

This 24” duffel bag from Komal’s Passion Leather is made from genuine leather on the outside and durable canvas on the inside. Zippers are YKK and the hardware has an antique-look that fits the color of the leather, something that compliments the retro look of the bag. Here you get a large bag that still has a practical size that allows for multi-purpose usage. However, due to the leather exterior, you do need to be careful with gym clothes and a wet towel. Only available in brown leather.



9: XINCADA Classic military-style:

XINCADA Classic military-style duffel bag

The large duffel bag from XINCADA is made from high-density canvas and has a classic look. Therefore, it looks similar to the original duffel bags used in the military. Instead of a modern zipper, the bag is closed with a buckle after the top is folded in and locked. The adjustable shoulder straps and an extra strap across the chest make the bag comfortable even with a heavy load. You can choose to have your classic duffel bag in the military-inspired khaki or a more modern blue/black combination.



10: Full-grain leather travel bag by LeatherFocus:

Full grain leather travel bag by LeatherFocus

The classic and retro-looking bag by LeatherFocus is made from 100% pure full-grain leather. Thanks to the natural material, the whole bag will get a beautiful patina with time. As a result you should expect that the bag gets a rustic but still luxurious look and feel. A large midsection, shoe compartment in the end and an inner slide pocket will keep your belongings safe and organized. Details like the rolled top handle, leather tag and the bottom protection make this bag stand out from the crowd. This is for you who is looking for quality and that ‘little extra’.

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