Top 6 Awesome Electronic Gadgets That Changed the World

Top 6 Awesome Electronic Gadgets That Changed the World

Gadgets have changed so much that sometimes we don’t even think about how tightly technology has entered our lives. Almost every home has a dozen top electronic gadgets: smartphones, TVs, Wi-Fi, PCs, etc. The influence of some of them is great, but others have changed everything around us. We will focus on those that have completely transformed the world.

Electronic Gadgets that Changed the World

Below we have listed some of the electronic gadgets that changed the world.

#1 The Personal Computer

The personal computer has revolutionized the modern era, transforming how we work, communicate, and access information. From the release of the pioneering Altair 8800 in 1975, personal computers have become smaller, more powerful, and affordable, integrating into our daily lives. Businesses have been profoundly impacted by remote work options and global access to information and resources. Communication has undergone a revolution, enabling email, instant messaging, and video calls.

#2 Wi-Fi Routers

Wireless communication technologies played, specifically Wi-Fi, a pivotal role in the creation of smartphones and the internet as we know them today. Before Wi-Fi’s invention and release in 1997, being connected meant being tethered to a network cable. However, with Wi-Fi, a router, and a dongle for our laptops, we were finally able to untether ourselves and freely browse online throughout our homes or offices. Since then, Wi-Fi has continuously evolved, becoming faster and more widespread, seamlessly integrating into our computers, mobile devices, and even cars.

Considering that all the best mobile gadgets are Wi-Fi bound, many still underestimate the importance of personal protection. Someone believes that no one needs his data, and someone ignores this issue. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, give VeePN a try. It has 2500+ VPN servers with high bandwidth and a free trial version. You can use it like a VPN for Kodi or Netflix, but the key task is data protection, and only then – bypassing geographic restrictions.

#3 Internet of Things

Wi-Fi has revolutionized our lives beyond just checking emails and killing time. It has given birth to a plethora of consumer devices that connect and exchange data, without relying on human interaction. This interconnected system is known as the Internet of Things (IoT), a term coined in 1999, but its true potential has only recently been fully realized by consumers. Today, there are billions of internet-connected devices worldwide, enhancing our lives through smart home automation – from controlling our lights to monitoring our front door or receiving notifications when we run out of milk. Moreover, the impact of IoT extends beyond our daily lives, finding applications in healthcare and the management of city services. The investment in IoT technology is projected to surpass $248 billion this year, more than double the amount spent just three years ago. Looking ahead, the market is expected to exceed a staggering $1.5 trillion within the next five years.

#4 Blockchain and Cold Wallets

Bitcoin gained attention for its rapid rise in value a few years ago and subsequent decline. This digital cryptocurrency operates on a decentralized system that combines technology, currency, math, economics, and social dynamics. By utilizing encryption keys, bitcoin enables anonymous transactions without the need for personal identification. However, there are risks associated with cryptocurrencies. For an extra layer of protection, you should use the Firefox VPN extension free or your version of the service. Another key security measure is storing cryptocurrency in a cold wallet. Remember, recovering lost data is almost impossible. Again, because of the anonymity of the network.

#5 Voice Assistants

Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Apple’s Siri hold the key to a smart home. They not only act as controllers for your devices but also provide weather updates, news, and access to music streaming services. These assistants have gained immense popularity, with over 3.25 billion active devices worldwide in 2019, expected to double to 8 billion by 2023. However, privacy concerns arise as these devices function as internet-connected microphones, transmitting conversations to servers owned by Amazon, Google, or Apple. To enhance accuracy, these companies have admitted to employing human contractors to analyze select conversations from voice assistant recordings.

#6 Drones

From capturing aerial footage for movies to delivering packages to remote locations, drones are doing it all now. They now range from small quadcopters to advanced mini-planes designed to carry heavy payloads. For instance, on the US-Mexico border, Customs and Border Protection employs Predator drones equipped with high-powered radar to detect even footprints in the sand, exemplifying their sophisticated technology.

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All these technologies have revolutionized the way of life. You may not use cryptocurrencies or drones, but you still feel their impact. For example, you see impressive videos recorded from a bird’s eye view. If you’re not using any of these devices yet, now is the time to start.