Top 6 high-end Wooden Turntables

Music Hall MMF9.3 Turntable with Carbon-Fiber Tonearm

Since 2007, vinyl records have gained popularity and artists around the globe are again releasing new music on vinyl. Even old vinyl records have increased heavily in value as collectors wish to have their favorite albums on analog media instead of digital.

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Maybe you are already the lucky owner of a vintage turntable inherited from a family member. Or, maybe you found a steal at a local garage sale before the ‘vinyl revival’? If not, this is a great place to find inspiration for high-end turntables with excellent sound-quality. In addition to the functionality, the list also contains great design with wooden details. After all, the turntable along with the cool-looking retro vinyl records should not be stowed away anymore! Check out our top-6 of high-end turntables in wooden design below.

1: Top-quality from Music Hall with walnut finish

Music Hall MMF9.3 Turntable with Carbon-Fiber Tonearm
Image courtesy: Music Hall

Music Hall Audio is an American company founded in 1985. They design a range of turntables which are then manufactured in the Czech Republic. The MMF9.3 is a two speed, belt-driven audiophile turntable with a triple plinth construction. The design is constructed to isolate the critical sound reproducing components. Furthermore, the motor and speed controls are mounted on their own vibration damping base. The model has a long feature list including a one-piece full carbon-fiber tonearm and Goldring Eroica LX cartridge. Here you get a great-looking design that is both classic and modern thanks to the walnut wood veneer.

SHOP HERE / $2,695 USD


2: Levitating platter by MAG-LEV Audio

Top 6 high-end wooden turntables MAG-LEV Audio’s Record Player ML1 Wood Edition
Image courtesy: MAG-LEV Audio

MAG-LEV Audio is a Slovenian company founded by music lovers, technicians, engineers and designers. The ML1 is the world’s first turntable designed with a levitating platter to play records in an elevated position. In addition, there are no moving parts inside the turntable. Similarly, there is no motors to spin the platter which makes the design quite revolutionary as well as improving the listening experience. Design inspiration is from the 70s and 80s with a raw minimalistic look and wood-styling.

SHOP HERE / $4,199 USD


3: Award-winning technology by Clearaudio

Top 6 high-end wooden turntables clearaudio concept wood turntable carbon tonearm
Image courtesy: Clearaudio

German Clearaudio has existed since 1978 and is a well-renowned brand. They are famous for their pioneering design and functionality which has earned them numerous awards. With the Concept turntable you get their most ‘basic’ model. However, the turntable has components from more expensive designs – one of them is the magnetic and friction-free bearing which has extremely low distortion. The Concept Wood has a constrained-layer plinth made of Baltic Birch which looks great in addition to improving the sound.

SHOP HERE / $2,699.99 USD


4: Re-design of the legendary Perpetuum Ebner in rosewood

Top 6 high-end wooden turntables Perpetuum Ebner PE 4040 Flagship Turntable
Image courtesy: WE AUDIO SYSTEMS

WE AUDIO SYSTEMS from Germany has re-introduced the renowned Perpetuum Ebner (PE). This is one of the world’s oldest and biggest manufacturers of turntables established back in 1911. The PE4040 is the successor to the once legendary PE2020 (from 1967) and is the top-product from PE. The beltdriven turntable has a manually operated sub-chassis, synchronous motor, Thorens tonearm and finally an electronically controlled 2-speed selector. With the PE 4040 you get an original design that pays tribute to a 1960s legend complimented with a beautiful rosewood finish.

SHOP HERE / $2,499.99 USD


5: Classic Evolution turntable with wooden base by Scheu

Scheu Cello Classic Evolution
Image courtesy: Scheu

The design philosophy for Scheu Analogue was made by German founder Thomas Scheu. Following his early death, his wife has carried forward the company. Today, Scheu continues to produce a variety of turntables, tonearms, cartridges and accessories. The Cello Classic Line Evolution features a Rega RB 202 arm in addition to an AT 100E Audiotechnica cartridge. It also has a complex shell structure and a resonance-optimised chassis. The ‘cutting board’-look base is made from multiple layers of wood. Consequently, it has special absorption materials which are glued together and veneered with real wood. As a result you get a modern and minimalistic look with a classic design and tineo wood.

SHOP HERE / $2,499 USD


6: Great value-for-money with Orbit Special by U-turn Audio

U-turn audio orbit special
Image courtesy: U-turn Audio

American U-turn Audio is an independent turntable manufacturer focused on making good value-for-money products. In 2012, they launched a Kickstarter campaign for the first Orbit Turntable with overwhelming feedback! Since then, they have expanded their product offering to four different models. Furthermore, they still keep all design, engineering and manufacturing in-house. The Orbit Special features the award-winning Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. Also, it includes a cue lever for easy tonearm operation and has an acrylic platter that all provide a clear and detailed playback. Finally, the external belt drive eliminates motor noise and ensures speed consistency. The U-turn Orbit Special has a solid hardwood plinth which is available in stylish flat cut maple or rift walnut for a timeless look.


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