Top Gun 2 Behind The Scenes Footage

Top Gun 2 Behind The Scenes Footage
Paramount Pictures / YouTube

We already got a first look at the expected sequel to Top Gun from 1986 with a trailer for Top Gun 2: Maverick. Now, a full-length trailer with exclusive behind the scenes has arrived.

33 years after the first film, Tom Cruise is back in his iconic role as pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. In this video released by Paramount Pictures, you’ll get an exclusive look behind the scenes of Top Gun 2. We were surprised to see how much real footage you’ll get when hitting the theaters! Of course, there’s CGI – but when you see the faces of the actors getting distorted…and they faint…it’s the real deal! They all went on board, and thanks to 6 iMax cameras inside the cockpit, you’ll get every little face expression when the Super Hornets pull up to 8G’s.

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