Top vintage gift ideas for men

Top vintage gift ideas for men

It can be tough shopping for the men in your life and coming up with new ideas for holidays like Father’s day, birthdays and Christmas. But for something truly unique that will definitely wow them, why not look back to the past with a vintage-inspired gift?

Read on to learn about the top 7 vintage gift ideas for men which you can use as inspiration for the important men in your life.

Nintendo 64

For millennials, a Nintendo 64 might not seem vintage. But this console, released way back in 1996 is certainly considered retro these days. An old-school Nintendo makes for a great gift, and you can find a decent one on places like eBay or in reseller shops.

One of the reasons that this is a brilliant gift too, is that there are many games that can be purchased alongside it so you can tailor it to the person and their tastes. As an alternative to purchasing the retro console, Nintendo has released some of its old-school games on newer consoles to play. Either way, it’s a fantastic idea for a present and will certainly bring back some nostalgic memories for the receiver of it!

Vintage poker set

Casino games have become more popular than ever due in large part to the internet. The rise in online casinos have seen more people enjoying casino games from the comfort of their own homes or on the go. It’s been fantastic for the industry but also introduced more people into the world of casino games, including poker.

poker table vintage

Whether the man in your life is already a fan of poker or looking to get into the game and start hosting his own poker nights, a vintage poker set is certainly a special gift that he’ll enjoy. You can decide to go for a vintage-style poker set or purchase one that’s actually vintage; there’s an array of options online, or you can check out antique stores and flea markets for one of them.

And if you’re looking to check out other casino games, here’s how Henri of ranks his favourites.

Retro slot machine

A retro slot machine is another option if you have a casino lover to gift to. This present would go perfect in their ‘man cave’ or shared space, and can be a working or one that adds style and ambiance to a room.


A vintage-style razor is the ideal gift for someone who loves to keep up their grooming routine. Due to the popularity of retro razors over the past decade, there are certainly a load of options to choose from.

A traditionally styled four-piece shaving set makes for a beautiful gift and will certainly be appreciated by anyone who receives it. It’s also an investment as they’re much more long-lasting than disposable razors or ones purchased from high street retailers.

French press

While not necessarily vintage per-say, a French press is a much more traditional way of making delicious coffee – and a satisfying method too!

If they don’t already own one, a french press is an excellent present and one they might not expect to receive. You can purchase their favourite ground coffee too to go alongside it – so they can begin enjoying it right away!


It’s always good to have a guitar around the house, whether you play it yourself or have talented guests around. And a vintage guitar is certainly something special. Giving the gift of a musical instrument is usually well received. And a classic vintage guitar works as an art piece too and looks great hung up on the wall or positioned within a room. Vintage guitars can be found at most guitar shops or check out Facebook Marketplace for a deal!


A timeless gift has to be a watch – and a vintage one adds an element of class and style. You can go for some of the more popular and fancy brands like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling – or try something a little out of the ordinary. One of the great things about a vintage watch is you have options. You could choose a standard wristwatch or go a bit avant-garde and purchase a pocket watch as a gift.

Either way, the man in your life will certainly be surprised and delighted to receive it!