Tribute to the first Playboy Playmate

In September 2017, the world lost Hugh Hefner, the founder and owner of Playboy. We pay tribute to the icon and bring you the story of the world’s first Playmate.

The first edition of the Playboy Magazine had Marilyn Monroe appearing as the “Sweetheart of the Month”. Since then, no one else has appeared in this exact role. For the second edition of Playboy from January 1954, Margie Harrison was featured as Miss January and therefore becoming the first ever Playboy Playmate.

The first Playboy Playmate

Margie Harrison was an American actress and model. She featured in the Playboy magazine at the age of 22 and was anonymous. Like most other models at that time, pictures were obtained from the Baumgarth Calendar company, and therefore Margie herself had no idea who bought and published the pictures. Finally, two years after the January issue, readers learned that her name was Margie Harrison.

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Highly desired by collectors

The second issue of Playboy Magazine from 1954 is highly desired by collectors. As a result, it is the rarest of all Playboy issues.

  • The original price in 1954 was 50 cents, today the auction price varies between $1,900-3,000.
  • The January 1954 issue is the first dated issue and started the well known rabbit theme for Playboy Magazine.

Get a look at a first edition of the infamous debut issue of Playboy Magazine:

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