Tribute to The Iconic Honda Super Cub by K-Speed

Tribute to the iconic Honda Super Cub by K-Speed

The iconic Honda Super Cub turned 60 years old in 2018. At the same time, Honda could also celebrate the incredible milestone from 2017 of 100 million units produced! The custom bike experts at K-Speed has worked their magic on a special anniversary edition to pay tribute to the iconic retro moped.

Tribute to the iconic Honda Super Cub by K-Speed

The successful Honda Super Cub

The Honda Super Cub is the world’s best selling motor vehicle. Therefore, is has been compared to the Ford Model T and Volkswagen Beetle as an icon of 20th century industry and transport. The first model C100 used a pressed steel monocoque chassis, with the horizontal engine placed below the central spine. A configuration now called the ‘step through’ or ‘underbone’ motorcycle. The Super Cub is difficult to classify but lands somewhere between a scooter and a motorcycle. As a result, it could also be called a moped, “step-thru” or “scooterette”.

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Tribute to the iconic Honda Super Cub by K-Speed

The 2018 Anniversary model C110

Honda has gradually modernized the Super Cub’s design over the years,. However, the 2018 anniversary model C110 by Honda has a retro look as a tribute to the original model. To mark the occasion of the new model going on sale in Thailand, Honda Thailand handed the custom bike crew at K-Speed in Bangkok a new Super Cub. With the bike was 30 days to build something special.

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Tribute to the iconic Honda Super Cub by K-Speed

The K-Speed retro bike 2018

The result of the K-speed rebuild is a cool retro bike that pays tribute to the original Honda Super Cub. The team is mixing old school charm with modern features. K-Speed has made the biggest visual change by removing the tiny front grille and Honda logo. Thus, taking apart the stock steering cluster and installing the OEM headlight further down.

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Honda with LED by K-Speed

All wiring has been re-routed. Instead, custom switches mounted below the steering stem now control the starter and turn signals. The K-Speed design also comes with a set of custom-made handlebars, Biltwell Inc. grips and new 17×2.50 wheels wrapped in vintage-style Vee Rubber tires. The black and white paint together with the re-shaped seat with contrast stitching adds the final touches to the classic re-design. Still, it  has the signature K-speed attitude that fans love!

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Honda leather seat by K-Speed

The 110 cc Honda Super Power Cub retails for JPY275,400 ($2,430) in standard trim and 297,000 ($2,620) in Pro.

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