Buyer’s Guide: Vintage suitcases – Retro never dies

Vintage Suitcases

Life and its many aspects are constantly evolving, so it’s not surprising that traveling isn’t the same as it was 50 years ago. Many years ago, almost every journey was an odyssey, especially when carrying your luggage, because there weren’t too many options like today. Back then, bags didn’t have wheels, which made them quite difficult to handle, especially for their weight. However, nowadays, having vintage suitcases is magical as they’re a reminder of the history and incredible memories behind them. Luckily, these vintage designs have also been adapted to the newest and latest manufacturing techniques so that you can have both easy use and a cool retro vibe in your luggage. So if you’re a passionate traveler who loves vintage stuff, vintage suitcases are a must-have in your life.

Why buy vintage suitcases?

Despite the cool-antique style you will have, you may be wondering why it is an excellent option to buy vintage suitcases. Well, first of all, they will be with you for a long time as they’re made of the best durable material, plus the making is usually flawless, taking care of the minimum details. Like other vintage products, of course, they’re more expensive than regular baggage, but it’s undoubtedly a good investment if you want to keep your things safe during your trips.

On the other hand, they will stand out from the other usual bags at the airport and hopefully you’ll save valuable time looking for your suitcase. Another plus is that whenever you’re not on a trip, you can use them for storing things at home; they’ll look fantastic and add a unique style and design to any room.

Things to consider before buying

Although buying a vintage suitcase is an excellent option, there are some things that you need to consider before buying one. Thinking about your needs and preferences will make the selection process for your new suitcase easier.

Briefcases on Wheeled suitcases

Just like the old ones, briefcases are still on sale in many places; however, they might not be the wiser option because you have to carry them by hand. If you usually travel with many things, this bag type will be heavy, and you might need more than one. Of course, this depends on your preferences, but I strongly suggest you buy the wheeled ones; they’re pretty much the same design and way easier to handle. By having a vintage suitcase with wheels, you will have both the classy style and the comfort of modern baggage.

Spinner or Rolling Wheels

If you have already decided that wheeled briefcases are for you, the dilemma is between a spinner and rolling wheels. First, a wheeler suitcase is the smartest option, but some people are more comfortable using one option than the other. On the one hand, rolling wheels are made of polyurethane, allowing highly flexible movement. These two wheels are a good option for those who want to drag their suitcase behind them.

On the other hand, spinner wheels are the wisest option, as suitcases are way easier to maneuver thanks to their 360-degree movement. They usually have four regular or double spinner wheels, allowing you to easily pull your baggage anywhere around you. As you can see, both are great options, and picking one or another varies on every person’s preferences.


Nowadays, vintage suitcases are commonly made of ABS because it is pretty cheap and offers good durability. However, this material turns out to be relatively rigid, and even if you take care of your bag, it is prone to break by handling at the airport or during the trip itself. That’s why buying a suitcase made of polycarbonate will be better so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your bag because it will last many years.

Buy vintage suitcases

Buying online

You can buy vintage suitcases in many places, but if you want to explore plenty of options without leaving the comfort of your home, you can buy them online. Many people prefer to go directly to a store to appreciate the bags, but you’ll probably need to go from store to store until you find the perfect one.

Likewise, remember that vintage luggage is expensive, so you’ll probably save money and time by browsing different bag styles on the internet. There are many websites where you can find excellent high-quality options at an affordable price, and Amazon is one of those. They’re a fantastic option because you can find different types and sizes of luggage depending on your needs and preferences. Below you will find just a few options that might be ideal for you, and luckily you’ll have a fabulous new vintage suitcase after you finish reading.

Luggage & Travel Gear

Vintage suitcases have too many usage options, not only for traveling, but even if you’re only interested in baggage for your trips, there are different options to consider. The variety depends significantly on the brand, but you’ll usually find them from carry-on and regular suitcases to luggage sets. Remember that your final decision is mainly based on your packing habits and budget, so buy wisely and think about them before rushing to order any item.

Carry-On Luggage

Carry-on suitcases are perfect for those who travel with just a few things and don’t want to pay an extra fee for bringing a regular bag. Besides, they’re usually included on your ticket for free, and you won’t need to worry a lot about handling them since they can easily fit almost everywhere. Below are some fantastic Amazon options that are available at incredible prices.

COTRUNKAGE Large 16″ Carry-On Suitcase

COTRUNKAGE Large 16" Carry-On Suitcase

This cool suitcase is also available in different colors; beige floral, brown, pink, white, blue, mint, green, and many more. This brand offers three sizes; 13’’, 16’’, and 18’’, perfect for users searching for more variety. The whole Cotrunkage line offers pure leather suitcases, ensuring the best quality. Plus, the leather is waterproof and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry too much about dirt in your new best friend. You can buy this version or other colors here:


Urecity Vintage and Cute Carry-On (White)

urecity Vintage and Cute Carry-on Overnight Case Non-wheeled Mini Leather Trunk Suitcase with Shoulder Strap

This Urecity bag also features exotic colors like red alligator, holy white, black, dark, and army green. It is only available in a 20’’ size, but its exclusive design with an aluminum border makes it stunning. Another great thing about this suitcase is that it is lightweight, making it uncomplicated to handle wherever you take it. You can order it here:


Regular suitcases

On the other hand, if you carry a lot of stuff, carry-on suitcases might not be enough for you and your belongings. The benefit of this bag type is that it has many compartments and pockets that will save your life by organizing your things ideally. Regular suitcases work best if you want more space and straps to keep your items in their place.

CO-Z Regular Vintage Luggage with Briefcase

CO-Z Vintage Luggage Sets, 2 Piece Retro Suitcase with Spinner Wheels TSA Lock and Carry On Briefcase, Large 24" Trunk Small 12" Train Case Leather Travel Luggage Set for Women Men, Beige

This small set has two pieces; a 24’’ stylish retro suitcase and a 12’’ spinner carry-on briefcase. Their four wheels are the best because they are perfect for broad movement and silent navigation. In addition, both bags are made of realistic faux leather, adding a slight touch of antique but incredible charm to their design.

Moreover, their two-latch locks are designed to simplify bag use as they allow you to open the suitcase faster, especially when you go through security checkpoints at the airport. Similarly, this brand added custom handle heights to their products if you hate to deal with fixed handles, and they easily extend up to 38’’ by just clicking a button. You can buy it here:


CO-Z Regular Vintage Luggage with Briefcase (Red Leather)

CO-Z Vintage Luggages Leather Travel Case with 12 Inch Personal Cosmetic Briefcase Retro Red Leather

This regular vintage suitcase with a briefcase is also from the same CO-Z brand and is very similar in design but with a different color and material; red leather. The set includes a carry-on briefcase of 12’’ and a regular bag of 24’’. Be the spotlight and order it here:


Luggage Sets

If a small carry-on suitcase and a regular bag still don’t fulfill your needs, vintage luggage sets also exist, just like in the old days. These vintage sets offer nothing but convenience and guarantee the comfort of storing every item inside another, saving you a lot of space. At the same time, if you buy a complete set, you’ll save more money than if you purchase each piece separately.

COTRUNKAGE 3 Piece Vintage Luggage Set (Black)

3 Piece Vintage Luggage Set

This fabulous set offers different sizes for each piece: 13’’, 20’’, and 26’’. The COTRUNKAGE collection also features fantastic colors like gray, brown, blue, pink, white, and floral. The set is made of the finest leather and offers a dynamic handle thanks to its 360-degree spinner wheels. It’s available here:


NZBZ 4 Pieces Vintage Luggage Set (Vintage Blue)

4 Pieces Vintage Luggage Set

If a set of 3 pieces weren’t enough for you, you’d be pleased to find out that NZBZ has a fantastic 4-piece set. The measures are 14’’, 20’’, 24’’, and 28’’ according to each item, but each has multiple useful compartments. Don’t hesitate to buy this eye-catching luggage in different colors; you can find black, cherry red, ivory white, and pink. You can find it here:


Decorative-storage boxes

As previously mentioned, vintage bags are not exclusively for traveling; you can give them different usages. Just imagine the upgrade design a vintage suitcase will provide to your home or any other room. They can ideally become furniture items and will add creativity to any spot, plus you’ll get tons of compliments every time someone notices them. In addition, you can turn them into storage boxes that will keep some of your most valued things safe.

Decorative Travel Boxes

Blue Orchards Decorative Travel Themed Chest Paperboard Boxes

The good news is that you can find plenty of decorative vintage suitcases on Amazon too, but this one comes in a set of three. The smallest bag measures 9.5’’ x 6.25’’ x3’’, the medium 10,75’’ x 7’’ x 3.25’’, and the biggest 12’’ x 8’’ x 3.5’’. These practical vintage sets are available in superb designs like leopard print, safari animal chest, and even a world map. Buy it here before they’re sold out:


Vintiquewise Vintage Suitcase Trunk

3-Colored Vintage Style Luggage Suitcase

This set might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a more formal set of decorative or storage vintage suitcases. The collection includes three pieces in black, yellow, and brown with similar measures to the previous set. It is worth mentioning that they’re made of plywood faux leather, but it includes genuine leather on the edges to give an antique and classy effect. This set is available here:



Vintage stuff has always been valued and treasured by many people, especially lovers of the retro style that recognize and admire the history behind every item. Therefore it’s not surprising to find vintage suitcases nowadays in many places; people know that they were once an icon in society, especially when traveling. Vintage luggage still represents nothing but elegance as they were once made for the wealthiest and most influential people, so it’s not surprising to find vintage suitcases nowadays in many places.

Luckily, these days we can find them in many designs, sizes, and prices that will undoubtedly fulfill the pickiest expectations or needs. Of course, as you just read above, there are a few things to consider before buying one. The critical fact is that they’re a worthwhile investment that will transport you to the past every time you look at one.

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