What Happened to Big Chief From Street Outlaws? 

What Happened to Big Chief From Street Outlaws? 
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Big Chief, a central figure on the hit reality show ‘Street Outlaws,’ left fans puzzled with his unexpected absence from the latest season. The racing aficionado, whose real name is Justin Shearer, didn’t return, leading to widespread speculation. Contrary to circulating rumors, Big Chief clarified that his decision was influenced by disagreements with ‘production company rules’ and not personal feuds or a need for a hiatus. Delve into this article to uncover the detailed journey of Big Chief, from his racing passion and personal life to his current endeavors post-‘Street Outlaws’ exit

What is Street Outlaws?

Street Outlaws is one of the most famous American reality TV shows; here, street racers compete against each other by showing their excellent driving skills and winning the coveted title. This year, the show is back with a new season featuring new drivers, new cars, more than 15 events, and a hefty $900,000 award. Viewers all over the country were so excited and tuned in to watch and support their favorite speediest racers.

However, the audience was surprised when Big Chief, one of the competition’s famous racers, didn’t show up. That’s why fans were deeply disappointed for not seeing their favorite contestant and immediately started creating theories about his absence. With so many questions about Big Chief’s whereabouts, we rushed up and found out what had happened to him.

Who is Big Chief? 

Justin Shearer, aka ‘’Big Chief,’’ is well-known for starring in the popular racing contest ‘’Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.’ As of 2022, Justin is 42 years old, and he used to be a member of team 405 within Street Outlaws. The TV reality show has been his second home for so long, so it was surprising to see that he wasn’t in the new season. Before finding out what happened, let’s look at his life to understand why he left.

Justin’s childhood and racing passion 

Justin was born in 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky, where he spent most of his childhood, but then he moved to Oklahoma in 1992. At the age of 9, he used to take his bike to watch the street races at Old Route 66; that’s when he started showing interest in races. Since then, Big Chief has had a big passion for the wheel, so huge that he got behind one when he was just ten years old! 

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After seeing the Old Rute competition, he was eager to participate, but it wasn’t until he was old enough that he did it and bought his first racing car, a 1972 Pontiac Le Mans. Since then, Justin has been in the racing world; the first project he took part in was Serotonin in 2010, Street Outlaws in 2013, and more recently, America’s List in 2021. 

Personal life 

When Big Chief wasn’t participating in race competitions, he was busy falling in love with Allicia, his first wife. The couple met while Justin was working at a gas station as an attendant when he was only 18. After dating for many years, they tied the knot in 2006 and now have two children; Civil and Corbin. 

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work due to irreconcilable differences, and they decided to part ways in 2017 after almost 11 years of marriage. Since his divorce, Justin started dating Jackie Brasch, her new girlfriend, and he has stated he’s very happy with her.

What Happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws? 

Big Chief is an essential member of the Street Outlaws cast, so his absence shocked everyone. What’s confusing is that all of us assumed he would be on the new seasons because he posted his prep for the program a while ago on Instagram. 

That’s why fans assumed he would be there as expected, but people started wondering if he was removed from the cast when he was nowhere to be found. His bio on Instagram still has Street Outlaws, so fans are even more confused because they don’t know if he will appear anytime soon.

Why is Big Chief Not on Street Outlaws? 

Although Big Chief has been in the show for so long, this isn’t the first time he decided to take a break from it. The last time he did it, he announced that he needed to step away for a while to spend more time with his family. Since no official statements or comments were released by Big Chief, at first, everyone thought he did the same thing again. While Chief’s participation in the 4th season of No Prep Kings was uncertain, many theories and rumors arose. 

Some opinions suggest that he quit because of his exhausting racing schedule and that he just wanted to relax with his family. Other rumors stated that the show removed him due to a feud with another racer named ‘’Precious’’ when they began to film America’s List. Gossips said that even Jackie, Chief’s girlfriend, was involved in that altercation, which is why Big Chief got so mad and left. However, after so many rumors, Chief finally explained in a video the real reason he’s not on the show’s new season. He stated that his absence was due to ‘’production company rules.’’

Justin Shearer pointed out that he disagreed with the ‘’race your way’’ policy, which dictates that winners from selected preseason racers would be chosen to participate in the show. Nevertheless, Big Chief noticed that many participants took part while others were left behind. So, we must wait for his long-awaited comeback, in case there’s any.

What is Big Chief Doing Now? 

Despite his absence from the TV show, Big Chief has been participating in other races like the daily driver event, the Cash Days RC, and the RC car racing. Right now, he seems to be more focused on his Youtube channel, ‘’Midwest Street Cars,’’ where he is showing his making of a new car. He’s also busy taking care of his kids and spending time alone with his girlfriend, Jackie. 


Although Chief may be done with No Prep Kings, it seems that he doesn’t want to quit the Street Outlaws franchise or racings. It’s uncertain if he will bury the hatchet with the show’s production and when he will do it, but at least it’s not his final goodbye. He’ll still be on the road with new projects he’s currently working on, so let’s be optimistic about it and cross our fingers to see him again very soon. I’m sure all fans and the crew of the Street Outlaws will receive him with their arms open when they decide to go back.