What Happened To Frank from American Pickers?

Frank Fritz from “American Pickers” had a life-altering experience after suffering a stroke that led to a decline in his decision-making skills and his placement under temporary guardianship. This health setback followed his exit from the popular TV show, during a time marked by public conflicts with co-host Mike Wolfe. However, in 2023, over the Memorial Day weekend, the two co-hosts reunited, igniting hopes of reconciliation and recovery amidst Frank’s ongoing health and legal challenges.

Detailed Timeline of Frank Fritz’s Journey and Challenges


  • January: “American Pickers” makes its debut, featuring Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as the stars.

2010 – 2020

  • Ongoing: The co-hosts enjoy growing popularity and success as the show airs.


  • Early 2020: Frank steps back from the show, citing health concerns.


  • July: Mike confirms publicly that Frank has permanently left the show.
  • August: Danielle Colby discusses the off-screen drama, and Frank responds with strong words, intensifying their public dispute.


  • January: The show returns without Frank, sparking fan protests.
  • March: News breaks about Frank’s financial difficulties.
  • May: An insider reveals that Frank and Mike aren’t speaking to each other.
  • July: Frank has a stroke, and Mike shares the news.
  • October: Legal guardianship is established for Frank due to his health.


  • January: Rumors emerge about a possible return for Frank to the show.
  • Summer: In a turn of events, Frank and Mike come together during Memorial Day, raising hopes for their relationship.
  • August: An update reassures fans of Frank’s ongoing recovery and improved health.


What is American Pickers?

American Pickers is a reality TV show that premiered in 2010 on the History Channel. It features hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel across the U.S., exploring barns, garages, and warehouses to find hidden treasures. These “pickers” aim to discover valuable antiques and collectibles, which they then buy from the owners and sell for a profit. The show provides insights into the world of antique “picking,” showcasing the process of locating, assessing, and purchasing rare and often nostalgic items. Over the years, American Pickers has gained a dedicated following, entertaining audiences with the hosts’ knowledge, banter, and finds.

Who Replaced Frank in the show?

Robbie Wolfe, Mike Wolfe’s older brother, assumed the co-host role on “American Pickers” after Frank Fritz left the show. However, not all fans have embraced Robbie, labeling him “grouchy” and expressing that his demeanor is in stark contrast to the show’s traditionally positive and upbeat tone. These sentiments are frequently shared on social media, highlighting a divide in the fan base. Despite the criticisms, “American Pickers” continues its mission of unearthing antique treasures across the country. The mixed reactions from the audience underscore the challenges associated with changing co-hosts and amplify the lasting impact that Frank had on the loyal viewers of the show.

The Future of American Pickers – Will Frank Return?

The show “American Pickers” faces an uncertain future without Frank Fritz. Ratings have declined, yet fans remain loyal. With Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby leading the way, and Robbie Wolfe’s new presence, the team’s dedication to discovering antiques keeps the spirit of the show alive. Currently, there’s no plan for Frank’s return. However, in the world of TV, surprises are common, and hope for his comeback lingers. Each episode brings a mix of nostalgia and the unexpected, keeping viewers engaged and hopeful for what the future may unfold.