What happened to Owen Wilson’s nose? 

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Owen Wilson, a renowned Hollywood actor, has a distinctively crooked nose that’s long piqued public curiosity. Before his rise to stardom, Wilson had broken his nose on two separate occasions: once during a high school fight and again while playing football with friends in Dallas. Another notable incident involved a motorcycle mishap; although it didn’t break his nose but contributed to its unique shape. While there’s been chatter about surgical corrections, Wilson underwent only practical procedures to mend internal injuries, not for cosmetic perfection. The actor has since embraced his notable feature, making it part of his recognizable charm.

Owen Wilson’s Unique Nose: The Enigma Behind Its Distinctive Shape

Actors and actresses are always in the spotlight, so it’s common to notice their appearance, especially if they have some particular facial feature. Within the acting industry, many stars are recognized for some of these attributes, but certainly, Owen Wilson’s crooked nose is easily noticeable. The actor is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, not only because of his nose but also thanks to his talent.

However, during his career, he’s been surrounded by the mystery of what happened to his nose, mainly because he usually doesn’t talk about it. Did something terrible happen, and that’s why he chose never to bring out the topic again? To figure out what caused the misalignment in Owen’s nose, we suggest you keep reading!

Who is Owen Wilson? 

Owen Wilson is a famous American actor who has been part of the Hollywood entertainment industry for almost two decades. Although he has participated in many different projects, he often plays roles in romantic comedies, usually box-office hits. However, he had to go through many difficult things in his personal life to make a reputation as an actor and achieve great success. 

Personal life 

Owen Cunningham Wilson is 53 years old and was born on November 18, 1968, in the big city of Dallas, Texas. He’s the son of Robert Andrew Wilson, an important advertising executive, and Laura Cunningham Wilson, a talented photographer. An interesting fact is that Owen’s parents are of Irish descent, and in addition, Wilson has two brothers, Andrew and Luke Wilson, who are actors too. Regarding his education, he went to the New Mexico Military Institute and later attended the University of Texas, where he chose the Bachelor of Arts but never graduated. He met there and was the roommate of one of his best friends and brilliant movie director Wes Anderson. 

On the other hand, Owen has three children; the first was in 2011 with his ex-girlfriend, Jade Duell; they only dated for two years and split not long after their son’s birth. In January 2014, he had his second son with his personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist, but they also split after dating for two years. More recently, in October 2018, he had another son with Varunie Vongsvirates, a financial specialist based in Los Angeles.

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Suicide attempt

Nevertheless, life wasn’t easier for Wilson, and unfortunately, on August 2007, he attempted suicide as he suffered from severe depression. Thankfully, he was treated at the St. John’s Health Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. As a result of this tragic episode, the actor quit his role in his then-current movie “Tropic Thunder” and was replaced by Matthew McConaughey. 

Sadly for Owen, after the incident, he received a lot of unwanted publicity and harassment from the media, which is maybe why he doesn’t enjoy doing interviews a lot since then. Yet, Owen opened his heart in 2021 about that event in an article for the popular magazine Esquire where he described how his brother Andrew helped him to heal emotionally.  

Acting career 

Owen has participated in many flicks, but his first project was in 1996 in the ‘’Bottle Rocket’’ film with his friend Wes Anderson. From that moment, Owen moved to Hollywood with his two brothers to continue making their way into such a big industry. However, the movie that made him famous was ‘’The Royal Tenenbaums.’’ 

That project was a blockbuster in 2001 and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Among other vital films and series, we can mention Meet The Parents (2000), Cars (2006), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Midnight In Paris (2011), The French Dispatch (2021), and more recently, Loki (2021).

What happened to his nose? 

Owen’s nose has been a talking point over the years because it’s very noticeable as it’s right there. And although it hasn’t affected his acting, fans and curious people want to know all the details about the actor’s nose. Despite the many theories, the real reason is less complicated and exaggerated than many have speculated before. First, you must know that Owen injured his nose before becoming a major Hollywood star. In 2001, the star said in an interview for Los Angeles Times that he had broken his nose twice before starting his acting career. 

The first occasion was during a fight at his high school, and after that unfortunate incident in high school where he was kicked from school, Owen was sent to a Military Institute. The second incident occurred when he played football with some mates in his hometown in Dallas. Nevertheless, he also mentioned a third incident; he was involved in a motorcycle accident. 

He said that he was riding his motorbike during Thanksgiving Day with a couple of friends, including his brothers and friend Wes Anderson. However, he suddenly had an accident where he flew up in the air and landed on his face, causing him some injuries. Despite the wounds, it seemed that that time Wilson didn’t break his nose; the incident just left some bumps and scratches.

What does Owen think about his nose? 

With so much interest around his nose, you may wonder what Owen thinks about his nose and if he cares about what others say. During an interview, he said he was astonished that people constantly asked him about his nose. 

He also mentioned that people told him his nose looked odd and disfigured and that he should fix it, but he has clarified that it doesn’t affect him. And he remarked that probably his nose wouldn’t have been great even if it hadn’t been injured. So for him, his nose’s physical appearance doesn’t make any difference. 

Did Owen ever get a nose-fix surgery? 

On the other hand, by being an actor with so much money, it’s natural to wonder if Wilson ever tried to fix his nose with plastic surgery. Well, it turns out that he had two surgeries; they weren’t precisely a full-nose job; instead, they helped him fix some significant internal injuries. Owen explained that he consulted with many specialists about what could be done to his nose, and after that, he ended up having two Rhinoplasty surgeries. These procedures were first aimed at straightening and healing his broken nose. The actor also clarified that the medical operations were more practical and less cosmetic so that his deviated septum could be corrected without complications. 

Nevertheless, after these rhinoplasties, the current shape of Owen’s nose is the best result surgeons did without risking his health. The surgery didn’t align the broken nose but helped pull Wilson’s nasal bones back together. The result wasn’t what Owen expected, but the actor wasn’t affected by it; he knew there was a possibility of failure. Luckily, he moved on, and instead of being frustrated by the failed surgery, he embraced his appearance and created a fantastic career in Hollywood.


Owen Wilson is undoubtedly one of the big names in the Hollywood industry, and his appearance was never an obstacle to thriving. Thankfully, his nose doesn’t impact his outstanding career; he has proven that his talent is the only thing that matters. However, it’s very evident that he doesn’t like to talk about the topic, but this is very understandable because he’s tired of repeatedly talking about the same topic.

Owen has more important stuff to do than always answering questions about his nose or any other physical feature. Nevertheless, if you think about it, the actor was kicked out of school thanks to that fight that broke his nose. Later, he went to college, where he met fellow Wes Anderson, and his career took off! Now, Owen’s probably busy with new exciting projects and prefers to leave his nose topic in the past. So now that you know what happened to him and his nose, it’s probably time to let it go!