What Happened to Sierra Mist by PepsiCo? The Shift to Starry Explained

Sierra Mist, a popular lemon-lime soda introduced by PepsiCo in 1999, was discontinued in January 2023. Despite its two-decade run and various reformulations and rebrandings, including a name change to Mist Twst, the beverage could not outshine its primary competitor, Sprite. PepsiCo has since introduced a new lemon-lime soda called Starry to fill the void left by Sierra Mist’s discontinuation, aiming to capture the taste buds of lemon-lime soda enthusiasts and compete effectively in the market.

Why did Sierra Mist get discontinued?

PepsiCo discontinued Sierra Mist due to its lackluster performance against Sprite. Despite its presence since 1999, the brand struggled to gain traction, and various rebranding attempts, including a brief switch to Mist Twst, didn’t increase its market share. In 2023, PepsiCo introduced Starry after ending Sierra Mist’s production. This new lemon-lime soda aims to appeal to a younger demographic with a new formula and updated branding, intending to carve out a significant presence in the beverage market.

Starry Drink is launched to target Gen-Z

In 2023, PepsiCo introduced Starry, a new lemon-lime soda, to capture the Gen-Z market. With a vibrant, modern design, Starry is both regular and sugar-free. Its distinct taste provides a fresh option in the soda market. PepsiCo aims for Starry to stand out, offering an innovative and enjoyable soda experience. Bright branding and a unique flavor profile set Starry apart.

The History of Sierra Mist – From birth to death

Below, you’ll find a timeline with the entire history of Sierra Mist and the different flavors and versions.

Year Version/Variant Description
1999-2010 Sierra Mist (HFCS version) Original lemon-lime flavor with HFCS.
2000-2016 Sierra Mist Zero Sugar Zero calories, sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium.
2004-2008 Sierra Mist Free Former name of Sierra Mist Zero Sugar.
2006-2016 Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash Seasonal cranberry flavor, available year-round in some areas.
2006-2016 Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash Zero-calorie version of the cranberry flavor.
2007 Sierra Mist Lemon Squeeze Limited edition with extra lemon flavor.
2007 Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash Another name for Diet Sierra Mist is Cranberry Splash.
2008 Sierra Mist Undercover Orange Limited edition, orange flavor tied to “Get Smart” film.
2008 Sierra Mist Free Undercover Orange Zero-calorie version of the orange flavor.
2009-2010 Sierra Mist Ruby Splash Ruby grapefruit flavor.
2009-2011 Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash Zero-calorie version of ruby grapefruit flavor.
2010-2016 Sierra Mist (with real sugar) Rebranded with real sugar, formerly Sierra Mist Natural.
2012 Sierra Mist Strawberry Kiwi Splash Limited edition strawberry-kiwi flavor.
2016-2018 Mist Twst Rebranding with real juice added.
2016-2018 Mist Twst Cherry Cherry variant of Mist Twst.
2016-2018 Mist Twst Cranberry Cranberry variant of Mist Twst.
2016-2018 Diet Mist Twst Zero-calorie version of Mist Twst.
2016-2018 Diet Mist Twst Cranberry Zero-calorie version of Mist Twst Cranberry.
2018-2023 Sierra Mist (with real sugar) – return The flavor returned to stores after rebranding.
2018-2023 Sierra Mist Zero Sugar – return Returned along with Sierra Mist (with real sugar).
2023 Discontinued Sierra Mist was discontinued and replaced by Starry.


Sierra Mist is not first – Other Retired Products from PepsiCo’s

Sierra Mist is far from the first beverage to be retired from PepsiCo’s extensive catalogue of drinks. Over the years, a variety of flavors and brands under the PepsiCo umbrella have been introduced to the market, only to be pulled off the shelves later. Each product, from 7 Up’s numerous variants to Pepsi’s own eclectic mix of flavors, tells a story of innovation, consumer preferences, and the ever-evolving market trends.

Extinct PepsiCo Beverages

7 Up’s Lost Varieties

The bubbly and refreshing 7 Up too has seen its fair share of transformations, with several flavors being discontinued:

  • 7 Up Antioxidant
  • 7 Up Citrus Splash
  • 7 Up Frootaz
  • 7 Up Gold
  • Diet 7 Up Gold
  • 7 Up Ice Cola
  • 7 Up Lemon Squeeze
  • 7 Up Plus
  • 7 Up Pomegranate
  • 7 Up Tropical
  • 7 Up Tropical Splash
  • 7 Up Yerbabuena
  • dnL

Pepsi’s Forgotten Flavors

PepsiCo’s iconic Pepsi also had numerous siblings that didn’t make it to the present day, such as:

  • Crystal From Pepsi
  • Crystal Pepsi
  • Diet Crystal Pepsi
  • Pepsi A.M.
  • Diet Pepsi A.M.
  • Pepsi Azuki
  • Pepsi Baobab
  • Pepsi Boom
  • Pepsi Blue
  • Pepsi Blue Hawaii
  • Pepsi Candy
  • Pepsi Carnival
  • Pepsi Cappuccino
  • Pepsi Clear
  • Pepsi Fire
  • Pepsi Fresh
  • Pepsi Kona
  • Pepsi Natural
  • Pepsi Mojito
  • Pepsi Mont Blanc
  • Pepsi Holiday Spice
  • Pepsi Ice
  • Pepsi Ice Cucumber
  • Pepsi Perfect
  • Pepsi Gold
  • Pepsi Green
  • Diet Pepsi Jazz
  • Pepsi Limón
  • Pepsi Max Cino
  • Pepsi Natural
  • Pepsi One
  • Pepsi Raging Razzleberry
  • Pepsi Raw
  • Pepsi Red
  • Pepsi Retro
  • Pepsi Samba
  • Pepsi Shiso
  • Pepsi Strawberry Burst
  • Pepsi Strong Shot
  • Pepsi Summer Chill
  • Pepsi Summer Mix
  • Pepsi Ginga
  • Pepsi Tropical Chill
  • Pepsi Wild Bunch
  • Pepsi X
  • Pepsi XL

Other Retired PepsiCo Beverages

Even brands other than Pepsi and 7 Up within the PepsiCo family have seen a number of their flavors retired, including:

  • Diet Rite Golden Peach Pure Zero
  • Diet Rite Green Apple Splatter Pure Zero
  • Diet Rite Kiwi Strawberry Pure Zero
  • Dr Pepper Berries and Cream
  • Dr Pepper Diet Berries and Cream
  • Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla
  • Dr Pepper Red Fusion
  • Josta
  • Dr. Slice The Wild One
  • RC 100
  • RC 100 Sugar Free
  • Kick
  • RC Draft Cola
  • RC Edge
  • RC Cola Zero/RC Cola Free
  • RC Kick
  • RC Dra-Cola
  • Slice
  • Slice Peach
  • Sunkist Solar Fusion
  • Original Strawberry Crush Without Real Fruit Juice
  • SoBe Mr. Green
  • Storm
  • Teem

Each discontinued product, with its unique flavor and marketing, reflects PepsiCo’s continuous effort to innovate and cater to the dynamic tastes of the global market.


Sierra Mist, PepsiCo’s lemon-lime soda introduced in 1999, was discontinued in January 2023. A direct competitor to Coca-Cola’s Sprite, Sierra Mist underwent several rebrandings and formula changes. Despite these efforts, Sprite remained dominant in the market. PepsiCo replaced Sierra Mist with Starry, a new lemon-lime soda, aiming to appeal to the contemporary consumer’s taste preferences and meet the enduring demand for citrusy sodas. Starry is available wherever Sierra Mist was sold, marking the end of Sierra Mist’s two-decade presence on the shelves.