Why Are There So Many Exotic Car Owners In Los Angeles?

Why Are There So Many Exotic Car Owners In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is an amazing city with a very diverse culture and a rich heritage, made up of over 4 million people it has a range of attractions for locals and visitors alike. Famous for the huge film industry in and around the city but most notably Hollywood with its world-renowned studios making some of the world’s biggest blockbuster movies each and every year. With sun-drenched beaches that give surfers and water sport enthusiasts all-year-round fun and entertainment, it is one of the most popular cities in the United States for a vacation for Americans and foreigners, attracting millions of tourists each and every year.

With such a high population in the Los Angeles area and the state of California, it is no surprise that there are a lot of exotic supercars being driven. Being seen driving such a vehicle and being able to afford a car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini may look like a luxury to most but to the enthusiasts and the rich and famous in Los Angeles it is a way of life, after all the joys of driving a high power exotic supercar (in a safe fashion) is second to none. Whilst the buying of the car may be expensive often the maintenance can also be a burden and accidents do happen unfortunately so the need for a good law firm is essential to make sure your damages are covered, try https://www.farzamlaw.com/los-angeles-car-accident-lawyer/ for further advice when purchasing your new and exciting car to ensure in the event of accidents or damage you have the best advice.

The Wealth of Los Angeles and the Craze for Exotic Cars 

Los Angeles has some serious social problems that are being addressed by local and state official but Los Angeles also has some of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in, Bel Air, Brentwood, West Hills, and Pacific Palisades area that the rich and famous and the business leaders of Los Angeles are just some of the desirable places to reside. If you have an address like this it is highly likely that you can afford an exotic car or possibly many different types of expensive vehicles. Ranging from high-end luxury cars to classic cars potentially imported from Europe or Asia.

With the wealth that is at many people’s disposal, it’s no surprise that there are many car dealerships that solely trade in custom, classic and exotic cars for the people who can afford them. With the city having so many millionaires and beyond the market for high-end cars is endless.

The Hollywood Effect on the Exotic Car Industry

Hollywood has become a destination for visitors from all over the world, attracting domestic and foreign tourists alike. Over 50 million people visited Los Angeles every year and the allure of Hollywood is one of the main attractions. But one of the side effects of all these major movies that are released year on year is that they showcase so many beautiful cars and many of us desire to have them prompting huge sales increases in the auto industry of domestic and foreign cars. Who doesn’t want to drive a car that your favorite actor or actress was seen driving in the latest worldwide hit movie?

After certain movies or television series are released and become popular the effect on car sales follows. After Steve McQueen in 1968 drove a Ford Mustang GT in the movie Bullitt it became the most desired car for many people and still is today, the car was sold for nearly 3.5 million dollars at auction recently. Whilst using cars for films can help to promote the brand nowhere has done more than Hollywood over the years to help sell new automobiles over the years.

What Does the Term Exotic Car Mean?

We are all aware of luxury cars but what is the difference between luxury and exotic? Certain cars have a reputation for luxury and style, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Lexus, and BMW spring to mind but there are many other manufacturers of luxury and high-end cars, driving them or even being chauffeured in them is something that not all of can afford and may only happen on special occasions like Wedding Days or corporate outings. A luxury car is equipped with everything you may need and can help to show success and wealth.

An exotic car is a bit more specialized and is mostly more a high-end sports car that you don’t normally see on your daily commute unless you live in an area like Bel Area. For a car to be truly exotic in the United States it would be made abroad by the likes of Ferrari in Italy which has a long tradition of making superb craftsmanship and engine production is second to none. Other car manufacturers like Lambugini and Porsches are very much in demand and not only look amazing but will let you have fun out on the open roads of California and beyond.

What Sort of Costs are Exotic Cars?

Exotic cars inevitably come with a large price take sometimes ranging into millions of dollars and require expert care and attention to help maintain your investment. An ordinary mechanic may not have the ability to fix or even find a spare part for such a vehicle. With all these costs it is way too far out of most peoples budgets to buy and own an exotic car or luxury car but if you want to try out the feeling of driving one there are many rental options that will just charge by the day, whilst not cheap the thrill of driving an expensive car that many of us cannot afford to buy is something that will turn heads and may also be something on our bucket list to drive and let our hair down.

In Los Angeles and the surrounding area, there are many options to feel like a movie star for the day at reasonable enough prices for hire. If you also search enough you can sometimes find a good deal on an exotic car that the owner has gotten tired of and may just need a little bit of care and restoration to bring it back to its former glory.


Owning an exotic car is a luxury and a potentially expensive purchase but it doesn’t have to be, there are many people who seek out and find cars that need restoring, and for many of us that may be the best option to own an exotic or luxury car. Still, for people who can afford a new exotic car, there are so many options and the car will hold its retail value better than a regular car might. Although if you can afford such a car the resale value is probably not a primary concern.

For cities like Los Angeles and the state of California may have a great economy and many can afford and enjoy the pleasure of driving what many consider a very expensive car there is a huge market for the sale of exotic and luxury cars. If they are outside of your budget it is still possible to rent one for the weekend and impress your friends and neighbors.