Why specialty coffee is so special

Why speciality coffee is so special

In the past decade, coffee companies like Starbucks have introduced specialty coffee and made us all think about where our coffee is coming from, how it’s produced and what quality it is. Coffee professionals have made an entire culture around this with competitions for coffee geeks and rare specialty coffee that costs up to $29 a cup.

More complex than wine

Among coffee professionals, there is a shared understanding – and vision – that coffee should be on the same pedestal as wine. In fact, roasted coffee has a greater amount of aromatic compounds compared to wine. Plus, there are more ways to serve coffee than there is to wine – from cold brew coffee, macchiato to a classic espresso, all of which also affect the flavor. This reliable espresso maker will help you to make the perfect coffee for all tastes.

How to taste coffee

The worldwide standard for coffee tasting is called “coffee cupping”:

  • you use a bowl-shaped spoon to slurp up the coffee
  • “spray” the coffee across your entire palette

This way, you are able to get the full experience of the texture and flavour of the coffee.

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