Wolf of the Autostrada and the legendary cars

Collect some of the most legendary cars from the 80’s. Gather the key persons for each car who either participated in the development, og made them famous.

The legends

A Swiss car collector company made these five minutes of supercar sneakage from some of the best years in motor history. When Ferrari Testarossa driven by Mirko Venturi declared war against Lamborghini Countach driven by test driver Valentino Balboni. And Stefan Roser recorded the all-time Nürburgring onboard film, in a Ruf CTR/Yellowbird.

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Of course, the British fell in. They hung around in their Jaguar XJS and Lotus Esprit. Those who had class, grabbed the Aston Martin and if they were in a hurry, they went for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage driven by Sam Hancock. With more than 400 horsepower under the hood… these cars were monsters in the 80’s.

Behind the production lies Kidston SA, a Swiss company specializing in dealing with cars and their customer needs for special items – they collect extremely rare cars, and manages the deals in the best way.