The Pinnacle Of Sound: Wooden Loudspeakers by Oswalds Mill Audio

Wooden loudspeakers by Oswalds Mill Audio

The wooden loudspeakers by Oswalds Mill Audio use horns to propel sound to your ears. The sound experience is among the best in the world – and the spectacular design makes the Imperia speakers a true piece of ark!

Wooden loudspeakers by Oswalds Mill Audio

The Imperia speakers by Oswalds Mill Audio

Oswalds Mill Audio (also known as OMA) is one of the world’s leading producers of fine high-fidelity equipment. Their line of solid wooden loudspeakers is handcrafted with the same attention to detail as the finest furniture and they are the only company to use conical horn speakers for home audio.

Wooden loudspeakers by Oswalds Mill Audio

The signature horn design takes inspiration from the 1930s movie theatre sound systems when sound quality and not size, cost or convenience was the ultimate consideration. With their design, OMA wants to bring back the pride of audio to people’s homes – and like sound waves can’t be miniaturized, neither should your speakers.

“Music is an event, not a soundtrack”

– OMA, Jonathan Weiss

Wooden loudspeakers by Oswalds Mill Audio

The Imperia wooden loudspeakers are part of a four way fully horn loaded system. It has a vertical array of conical horns covering 100hz to 20khz, and two rear loaded subwoofer horns using a massive 21” neodymium woofer handling 20hz-100hz. This special sub is 104db 1w/1m and is powered by its own solid-state amplifier, designed and built by OMA. The system is extremely efficient at approximately 105db 1w/1m and is entirely time aligned.

Wooden loudspeakers by Oswalds Mill Audio

For the 100hz and 300hz wooden conical horns, you can choose from solid Pennsylvania black walnut, cherry, ash or chestnut. The high-frequency horn is cast by OMQ from aluminum alloy.

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Who's behind Oswalds Mill Audio?

Specifications of the Imperia speakers:

  • Dimensions: H 218 cm, D 152 cm (max), W 104 cm
  • Base footprint 104 x 104 cm
  • Industrial design by David D’Imperio
  • Made from solid Pennsylvania black walnut, cherry, ash or chestnut wood
  • Finished in hand rubbed oil and wax to preserve the wood’s natural beauty
  • Black wrinkle free frames and black grills
  • Custom internal wiring from Analysis Plus

Who's behind Oswalds Mill Audio?

Who is behind Oswalds Mill Audio?

OMA was founded in 2007 by American filmmaker Jonathan Weiss. All products are made by hand in Pennsylvania using locally sourced, sustainable hardwoods, slate, cast bronze, iron and aluminum. It’s said that the “acoustic DNA” is very different compared to more common technologies and in a time where most producers are going smaller and simpler, OMA is going against the current with their big and bold design.

The name Oswalds Mill comes from the company’s location in Pennsylvania which is an original mill from about 1800 built by the rich Oswalds family. Jonathan Weiss fell in love with the building and with 10,000 square feet and no neighbours, the idea to replicate cinematic experiences came from a friend – and ultimately, OMA was born.

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