Your personalized espresso machine by Slayer

Your personalized espresso machine by Slayer

Slayer Espresso is famous for designing and building one of the best espresso machines in the entire world! However, the award-winning machines can now get even better by adding your personal style to the design.

Your personalized espresso machine by Slayer

The award-winning espresso machines by Slayer

For the past decade, Slayer has been handcrafting espresso machines out of their headquarter in Seattle, Washington. The team continuously work on their mission to make coffee better™. Therefore, they work with patented technology and great looking machines that promise to deliver an espresso like you’ve never seen it before.

Your personalized espresso machine by Slayer

Slayer espresso offers three different versions of the flagship espresso machine. The first is the compact single group, the second a larger 2-group and finally a powerful 3-group. All machines are available in the classic Slayer look with black body panels, silver Xs and European ash wood sets.

All 3 models in the Slayer Espresso series can be personalized to your specifications
How we would like the personalized espresso machine!

Personalized espresso machine

In addition to the classic range, Slayer also offers you the complete creative freedom to design your own machine. You can use the tool to test your ideas like adding your personal touch or your company’s logo. When you are ready, you simply submit the design to the Slayer team. After a review, they will come back with information about pricing and availability. If you are buying your barista dream machine, why not go all the way? As Slayer puts it: “you dream it and Slayer will build it”.

Choose your own colors

Try out the customization tool here.

Retail price: $8,500 (single group)
Added costs for personalized design might apply.

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