All You Need to Know About Motorbike Jeans

All You Need to Know About Motorbike Jeans
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In riding a motorbike, you need to prioritize your safety, which means that you need to invest in the appropriate safety gear and apparel. Apart from wearing a helmet or knee and elbow pads, you also need to consider whether the jeans you are wearing are appropriate for motorbike riding. In line with this, below are everything you need to know about motorbike jeans.


Motorbike jeans come in different styles and you must go for one most fitting to your style. It should be a pair of pants that you will be comfortable seen wearing. Rest assured that it is all right if you want to look good while wearing your biker jeans, cruising around on your bike. After all, when you go for a pair of riding jeans that don’t really suit your taste, there is a great chance that you won’t end up wearing it.


Another thing that you need to know about motorbike jeans is that they come in different types of fit. The most suitable fit for you may be different for another rider, which is why you should consider your body frame too. Keep in mind that your jeans should fit you perfectly because if it does, you will be able to move better while you are riding your bike.

Tapered Fit

A tapered kind of fit is considered as one of the most comfortable kinds of fit for motorbike jeans when it comes to the waist and thigh area. Jeans with a tapered fit tend to go narrower beginning from your knees up to your ankle. In terms of the overall aesthetics of tapers jeans, they tend to look more fashionable, without the discomfort of being too tight-fitting.

Regular Fit

A regular fit kind of jeans is suitable for both men and women. The cut of these jeans is modeled after a famous line of jeans from a popular brand. A regular fit is considered a classic, resting lightly on your upper legs, without feeling too tight or too loose. It also sports a straight cut from the upper legs down to the ankles.

Loose Fit

Loose fit is not the same as baggy jeans, even if this type of jeans doesn’t hug any specific area of your body. Rather, they feel slightly wider in all areas to offer maximum comfort when you are riding your bike. The cut of loose fit jeans is often a combination of a loose waist and a straight leg, which makes them suitable to be worn even if you are not riding your bike.

Quality of Materials

More often than not, motorbike jeans are made from an aramid weave, which has high abrasion resistance. The most popular brand of this material is Kevlar which has been around since the 1960s and used in various types of applications. However, there are jeans that are already made from another kind of material and not an aramid.

Rest assured that biking apparel is now properly tested, such that the material used to manufacture the jeans conforms to the European standard. You will be able to identify this if the apparel that you are looking at carries a CE label with the number of the standard and for trousers, it is CE EN 13595.


The minimum amount of coverage that a pair of motorbike jeans should have is a liner in the seat and knee areas. The reason behind this is that these areas are the ones that are most prone to impact. Nonetheless, as much as possible, you should go for a pair of motorbike jeans that offer full lining coverage, extending to the shin. However, full coverage may be quite warm and heavy, making them a bit uncomfortable during warm weather.

Extra Protection

The best motorbike jeans also come with a knee and hip armor to offer more protection when you ride. Just take note that the additional armor as part of your personal protective equipment can be quite bulky but there are those that you can remove easily from the outside. Thus, these armors are sitting on your legs, making you more comfortable when you are not riding your bike.

All You Need to Know About Motorbike Jeans

Make sure that you are using the appropriate jeans every time you ride your motorbike, not only for your comfort but to ensure your safety too. Make use of the details tackled above to ensure that you are getting the best jeans suitable for riding. Rest assured that when you get motorbike jeans with the right style, fit, material, coverage, and protection, you are sure to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

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