Electric Range Rover Classic by ECD Auto Design

Electric Range Rover charging

Florida-based E.C.D. Automotive Design is known for creating amazing custom Range Rovers. This time, they have invested more than 2,000 hours in their creation.

As a result, they have created the world’s first Electric Range Rover Classic. The power from TESLA will take you from 0-60 mph in just 5.2 seconds! Get your classic Range Rover ready for electromodding!

Electric Range Rover Classic by ECD Auto Design

Classic looks and Tesla power

The Range Rover Classic is a beloved 4×4, mid-size sport utility vehicle series that was produced from 1969 to 1996. Many celebrities including Her Majesty the Queen, Winston Churchill, and Daniel Craig love the car! The global icon and especially the classic cars are in high demand for collectors and enthusiasts.

And now, you can even convert the classic 4×4 into a modern electronic vehicle. E.C.D. Automotive Design has partnered with the U.K.’s leader in electric conversions of classic vehicles, Electric Classic Cars (ECC). Together, they offer to ‘electromod’ your classic Range Rover with a brand new Tesla drivetrain. The Tesla motor comes with a 100-kWh battery pack and can therefore drive an estimated 220 miles on a five-hour charge.

Electric Range Rover engine bay

What is Electromodding?

The expression ‘electromod’ or ‘electromodding’ means modifying a traditional car with an internal combustion engine (ICE) into an electronic vehicle. In practice, it means that the motor is replaced by a fully electronic drivetrain. The expression is familiar to ‘restomodding‘ where an older vehicle is updated with modern components.

However, ‘electromodding’ is far more complex than replacing the brakes or suspension. In addition, it’s still a quite new discipline in the car industry. ‘Electromodding’ is obviously a great option to keep the classic look of a car without having to worry about fuel consumption or emissions. On the other hand, the modification will obviously change many key elements of the car – for example like removing the sound of the engine.

Custom Electric Range Rover Classic

The build of the electric Range Rover Classic took a total of 2,200 hours from start to finish. From agreeing with the client on the many customization options and creating a state-of-the-art 3D rendering to completely stripping down and transforming the car.

Furthermore, all steps of the process were completed while staying true to the Classic 4×4‘s original look and heritage. This exterior is in a glossy Alpine White paint that provides a great contrast to the black grille as well as compliments the silver metal front and rear bumpers. The Range Rover Classic rides silent on 18” Land Rover Boost 5 Spoke wheels and Continental Cross Contact tires.

The interior includes tan leather seating along with a dark wood finish on the dash and custom vertical diamond stitching. Finally, they installed custom gauges so you can keep an eye on speed, power output, and battery status.

To complete the modern transformation, you also get high-performance regenerative braking as well as a great sound system.

Electric Range Rover Classic by ECD Auto Design Electric Range Rover leather seats

More to come from E.C.D. Automotive

The build process took place in E.C.D.’s so-called “Rover Dome” facility where the car traveled through 12 bays, each filled with specialized technicians and master certified craftsmen.

Besides the electronic modifications and upgrades, the car also has numerous custom and handmade solutions like seat upholstery stitching, drink cabinets, and wet sanded exteriors for a polished finish.

It’s all about the details but the electronic journey doesn’t stop with this car. “Now that we have finished the Electric Range Rover Classic we’re going to continue to innovate and electrify Defenders and other Land Rovers” says Tom Humble, founder of E.C.D. Automotive.

Electric Range Rover instrument cluster Electric Range Rover interior Electric Range Rover interior

Electric Range Rover Classic Specifications

  • Model: restored Range Rover Classic
  • Motor: Tesla Direct Drive EV Powertrain with 100kWh Battery Pack and 450 Brake Horsepower
  • Suspension: stock
  • Additional features: upgraded axel with limited-slip differentials and high-performance regenerative braking


  • Paint Color: Alpine White in full gloss
  • Wheels: 18” Land Rover Boost 5 Spoke Wheels in silver
  • Tires: Continental Cross Contact Tires with black walls out
  • Front Bumper: LED headlights with original lighting


  • Front Seats: Land Rover captains chair
  • Middle-Row Seats: 60/40 split
  • Leather Colors: Spinneybeck Puebilto Tan Leather
  • Steering Wheel: Original rewrap
  • Gauges: E.C.D. Cluster

Audio & Electronics:

  • Infotainment: JL Audio Alpine Halo 9 System with Carplay, Subwoofers in Center Console
  • Sound System: Infinity Kappa Speakers
  • Additional Features: back-up Camera, Bluetooth, Sirius XM and Single CD player in Glovebox, USB and automatic headlights

Electric Range Rover Classic by ECD Auto Design

About E.C.D. Automotive Design

E.C.D. Automotive Design (E.C.D.) is a creator of restored luxury vehicles that combines classic English beauty with modern performance. Each vehicle is unique with custom solutions and hand-built from the ground up.

The company was founded in 2013 by three British “petrol heads”. The founders’ passion for classic vehicles is still the driving force behind their exceptionally high standards for luxury vehicles. E.C.D. Automotive Design’s global headquarters, known as the “Rover Dome,” is a 45,000 square-foot facility located in Florida.

It’s home to 52 talented and highly skilled craftsmen and technicians. E.C.D. Automotive Design also has a second design studio located in Malibu, California.

“We offer our clients world-class customization, and we are excited to add the Electric Range Rover Classic to our truck builds”

Tom Humble, founder of E.C.D. Automotive

For more information on how to build your own electric Classic Range Rover, please visit ecdautodesign.com.